The Tarot Money Cards: The Pentacles

There are four suits in the Minor Arcana, similar to the four suits found in a deck of playing cards. Each suit has specific meanings and relates to a particular area of life. Learning about tarot is learning about each suit, and becoming acquainted with each card within that suit. The suit called pentacles relates to the physical world, financial concerns and professional progress and situations.

First, let’s examine the word ‘pentacle’. At first, you may think the word ‘pentacle’ is about or related to the word ‘money’, but it isn’t. The word pentacle is often interpreted to mean talisman, or, amulet which in ancient times was something used in magic or rituals. There are several words related to pentacle, like pentagram. A pentagram is a five pointed star with an even more ancient associations in many cultures from Christianity to Greece to Wicca. But all those associations involve something mystical and in some cases spiritual. A pendant is something worn around the neck and indeed the word itself means to ‘hang down’. Pendants have a history of their own, which involved people wearing and amulet or talisman around their neck. This brings us back full circle – pentacle has a bit more to do with magic and the mystical than money.

Understanding what pentacle means helps you begin to understand the pentacles in tarot. It is about the magic or mystical in the physcial realm, most often expressed in term of how we are managing our physical life (which is more often than not is expressed by our financial well being, our career, our health). The typical tarot deck (especially those based on the Waite-Rider tarot deck) often show gold coins with pentagrams on them. One might say that the pentacles are about how we are handling the spirituality or magic of our financial, physical, earth based energies. One might also say that a tarot reading is a mystical look at the very real physical world of money and health, hence the pentagrams on the gold coins.

So, we know the pentacles often show up on tarot cards as gold coins with stars or pentagrams on them. They are also referred to as coins, discs or shields. Take a look at the cards from the pentacles suit now and notice the activity that appears on them. A man who appears to be a member of the nobility places gold coins into several outstretched hands on the 6 of Pentacles, while the youngster on the 2 of Pentacles seems to be performing a juggling act with the two pentacles he holds, indicating that he may be walking a fine line with his finances.

At every turn, the pentacles remind us of the state of our finances, possessions and chances for professional advancement. Associated with the element of earth is why Pentacles may also relate to our physical health, physical desires or home life within a tarot reading. Often it is necessary to utilize our intuition, as well as where a pentacles card appears in a tarot spread, to ascertain whether the pentacles is speaking to finance, or to something else physical or valuable like health or home life. More often than not, the pentacles is speaking to finance, career, business … but not always.

Certain cards from the suit of pentacles may represent people in our lives. When they do, they may be those individuals born under astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These individuals are often practical, determined and realistic. They are known for their patience, caution and critical-thinking abilities. On the flip side, people born under earth signs can be hypercritical, overcautious and generally stubborn. Either way, they may make their appearance in the suit of pentacles.

Whether your situation is feast or famine at the moment, the pentacles will address it head on. The large, single gold coin found on the Ace of Pentacles foretells new opportunities for professional and financial gain. The lush, abundant greenery and blooming flowers on some decks reinforce the message. The King of Pentacles is obviously a man of wealth and distinction who’s secure on his throne and with his place in life. The 10 of Pentacles shows a happy family situation where material wealth is not a concern. This group has the best of everything.

Unfortunately, some of the pentacles address financial lack as well. The 5 of Pentacles shows a less-than-favorable financial condition. While the people pictured on this card may appear to be going through hard times monetarily, they are probably feeling the pinch in their inner life as well. The miserly man on the 4 of Pentacles shows us someone who hangs on too tightly to his pennies, but possibly onto his emotions as well.

When you’re looking for professional guidance, the 3 of Pentacles shows a man who’s hard at work and a master of his trade. His services are sought after, he knows what he is doing and he does it well. The youth on the 8 of Pentacles shows someone who’s training for a particular profession with a bright future ahead. While he may be in the early stages of his education, one day he’ll take his place in the working world.

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When the pentacles turn up in a reading, turn your thoughts to money, career and physical circumstances. Whether positive or negative, the pentacles let us know exactly where we stand in the material sphere. Being able to properly interpret the pentacles can provide insights into our present circumstance and how we might improve those circumstance. For instance, knowing our course is true and we just need to continue, or that our lack is due to our limited vision about what is possible. Or, a pentacle card can give warning of lean times ahead if we do not change course. As you can see, the suit of pentacles is as fascinating as it is helpful. Hopefully, you now know a bit more about understanding the magic of abundance, Pentacles.

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