Tarot Love Readings on Valentine’s Day

Tarot love reading on Valentine’s Day is actually fairly uncommon. So, don’t be surprised if, when you ask around, you find several people who have used a tarot reading to get insights into their love relationship … or relationships in general. Though women are more likely to utilize tarot to gain a better understanding of a ‘special’ relationship, there are many men who have discovered the benefit tarot love readings. Man or women, a great time to assess your current love life is around Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love and romance. What better time is there to get a bit of supernatural help with one’s romantic partner? Should you be fortunate enough to be spending Valentine’s Day with someone special, you might even surprise your partner with how much you know about them, and what the future may hold. Nothing like a little mystical mystery to deepen the romance, eh?

Many people have thought about having a love tarot reading (Valentine’s Day or not), but they aren’t sure the best way to go about it. How do you find a tarot reader worth contacting? Is there so method to selecting a tarot reader? What are the best questions to ask? Is there a way to tell whether a tarot reader is REALLY a tarot reader? Well, you are in luck. You found this articles. And, in this article we are going to help you with the questions above and more. In this article you will find tips and suggestions to assist you with getting a love tarot reading which you can appreciate this Valentine’s Day … or any other day, for that matter.

tarot love reading First, let’s deal with a few of the common misunderstandings about tarot card readings and the readers themselves. There is a common myth that there is some sort of standard way to read tarot cards. Similarly, there is a misconception there are only a few types of ‘real’ types of tarot decks, and, there is a standard way to read those decks. This leads to the biggest myth of all: That there is some type of typical, ‘genuine’ tarot reader (usually resembling a gypsy in a carnival). It is important to clear up these myths before proceeding.

In the field of tarot reading there is no such thing as a typical tarot reader. Tarot readers can be any gender. They can come from any ethic background, from any cultural background. Tarot readers can and do come from a variety of educational and financial backgrounds. It is true more women are attracted to tarot more than men, but gender has nothing to do with how skilled a reader is, or isn’t, or will become. Next, there is no such thing as a ‘real’ tarot deck. There are literally thousands of styles of tarot cards and oracle cards. It is true that most are based and the ‘traditional’ Waite-Rider Tarot Deck. However, tarot readers MUST be well matched to their tarot deck(s). Many tarot readers will work with a number of tarot decks. Other readers sometimes settle on one (or more). Waite-Rider may be one of the most popular tarot decks, but the majority of tarot readers use decks other than Waite-Rider.

Many tarot readers began with reading the Waite-Rider deck and then discovered other types of tarot decks worked better for them. Lastly, there are many books, web pages, courses, which teach some basic ideas of how to interpret the cards, however, most dedicated, skilled tarot readers understand that this is only a starting point in reading cards. Much, much more is involved like: how a tarot card relates to other cards involved in a reading; the type of tarot spread involved (if any); how a reader relates to the cards themselves (are the cards a trigger for clairvoyant images, does the reader use a classic style of interpretation or use a style of tarot reading passed down for generations). So toss aside the concept that there is a ‘typical’ and ‘standard’ tarot reader.

The first important factor in selecting a tarot reader is a feeling of connection with the reader. No doubt you have heard this before if you have investigated tarot and/or psychic readings. Nebulous as this suggestion sounds, it remains largely true. Either you feel good about a reader, working with a reader, or you don’t. This does not make the reader ‘good’ or ‘bad’. A tarot reader may have thousands of clients who love them. That doesn’t automatically mean you will work well with them. Another tarot reader may prefer to read only for certain people, is not well known, but may be perfect for you. If you feel comfortable with a reader that is a good sign, a place to start. Next is knowing what you want to ask.

As to what questions to ask during a love tarot reading, you can ask whatever you want. With tarot, nearly any question can be asked. Only you know what you most want to know. A possible problem is having too many questions to ask. You many have questions about more than one person. This can lead to a lack of clarity in a reading (not to mention making the tarot reading run longer than you may want). It is a great idea to spend a little time reflecting on exactly what it is you want to know. Try to boil down the questions to, say, three key questions. It might be helpful to write them down. This way, when you contact a tarot reader you can a quickly explain your romantic situation and what it is you want to know. Don’t be surprised if the tarot reader is already flipping cards or laying out a spread. Tarot readers who are ‘in the zone’ often start getting impressions the moment the reading begins. Keep a pen and paper handy and take some notes about the answers you get. (Check out Tips for tarot readings for more help)

Some tarot readers are chatty, others are all business. Some readers may ask important question about you and/or your lover, spouse or others. Keep in mind that a psychic and/or tarot reader is getting many impressions and is trying to sort through what these impressions mean and who the impressions may be about. Also, tarot often offers variations in the answers. With most questions or situations, there are many perspectives one many examine. Some answers may be a clear yes or no. However, sometimes the answer is not so clear cut. Which is why taking a few notes may be important. Should a tarot reader seem to be wandering too far from the answers you want, do not be shy about politely requesting that the reading go back towards your original questions.

After a love reading it is important to give yourself some time to process the information you were provided. It is important to understand that all forms of divination should be viewed as probabilities and possibilities. That especially applies to predictions about the future. Think of the reading as impressive hints, hints about things that are unseen. Tarot often allows us to start seeing those things we are not seeing and/or to give us hints about coming dangers or chances to seize opportunities. Once a ‘hint’ from a tarot reading actually happens or solid evidence appears, then the ‘hint’ becomes true. In other words, do not start with the idea that everything in a tarot reading is true. It may feel true to the reader, but ultimately you must discover what is true or is not.

Professional tarot readers love hearing back from clients. If a tarot reader really nails a reading where much of the information from the reading proves true or valuable, there is nothing wrong with contacting the reader to show appreciation for a great reading. Also, if at a later date, you feel confused about what a tarot reader provided in a reading, go ahead and contact them again for a few minutes to clarify details.

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O.K., now you have some solid tips and suggestions on getting a love tarot reading. There are tons of tarot readers available online for phone readings and online chat, whichever you prefer. There is a good chance there are a few tarot readers you can visit near by where you live. Again, find a tarot reader you are comfortable with, that is the most important starting point.

As to particular tarot readers you may want to check out for a love reading, I’d say visit TarotLoveReadings.com where you will find 4 featured tarot readers, each with a unique style tarot reading, from traditional to free-form (you can call them at 1-866-525-2655, toll free USA and Canada). All four readers have years of experience, enjoy giving love/relationship readings and are wonderful to talk to (you will also have an opportunity to investigate a number of other tarot readers, psychics and astrologers). Also, take a look at Ask Tarot Questions where you will find a selection of tarot readers. I’ve been impressed with the readings received there. You can call them at 1-866-327-9032, also toll free Canada and U.S.

So, spice up this Valentine’s Day with a tarot love reading. Is the person you’ll be seeing this Valentine’s Day a ‘keeper’? Is there someone new coming towards you from the future? Are there details about your lover that tarot may provide? Instead of wondering, go get some answers.