Simple Tarot Spreads for Everyday Use

For people not particularly familiar with the Tarot deck, using the cards for guidance can be a daunting task. With a total of seventy-eight cards found in most decks and each card representing multiple symbols it is easy for a beginning user to feel awash in a deluge of complex information. Considering that many spreads incorporate complex patterns of ten or more cards with the positioning and orientation of each of the cards affecting the overall meaning of the spread, it is no wonder most beginning Tarot card users give up the practice altogether. Oftentimes the deck is thrown into a junk drawer or at the back of a closet, forgotten about until happened upon months or even years later.

While it is true that mastering Tarot cards takes time and practice, as with any other learned ability beginners can increase their confidence and experience by using some simple spreads. As a person becomes more familiar with the deck and the practice of reading the cards she can then branch out into some of the more complex and traditional arrangements such as the Celtic Cross or Gypsy Spread. Using the simpler spreads also helps ensure a person will use the cards regularly or even on a daily basis, which is absolutely essential if that person wishes to become a masterful Tarot user.

Before beginning any card reading session a person must first prepare. Such preparation does not need to be lengthy but the better prepared a person is the more open she will be to any messages conveyed by the cards. Meditating before even touching the Tarot deck is highly recommended since it helps clear the mind of the everyday worries, to-do lists and other thoughts that typically swim through a person’s head at any given moment. Once the mind is clear the person needs to concentrate on her intentions or reasons for performing the reading. What specific questions does she want answers to? Intent is fundamentally important to any reading since it affects how the cards perform and it frames a person’s interpretation of the cards’ responses. The best questions are ones that are clearly worded, avoiding ambiguous phrasing of any kind and subsequent confusion about the meaning of the cards’ answers. Formulating clear questions might be difficult at first but with everyday practice it becomes almost second nature.

Another key to making any type of Tarot spread work is to keep detailed notes about the results. A journal or diary is an ideal way to do this since it keeps all of the notes together in one book that is easy to reference later. Sometimes responses do not make much sense in the moment but days or even weeks later the answer’s meaning becomes more apparent.

Single Tarot Card Draw
By far the simplest Tarot spread is the single card draw. As the name suggests, a person simply shuffles the deck and draws either the top or bottom card. Single card draw is a perfect way for someone to get to know the deck better one card at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed, or for anyone who does not have much time to perform a reading. Many people are tempted to simply look at the card for a brief moment and then put it back in the deck and go on with their day. To get the most out of the singular card a person should spend several minutes studying every detail of the card that might be related to that person’s life, noting any random thoughts examining the card might generate.

Two Tarot Card Spread
A two-card spread is slightly more complex but is still easily mastered by a beginner. The spread is perfect for when a person has two conflicting feelings, like wanting to spend money on a luxury versus the need to save for a rainy day. Before drawing the cards the person specifies what feeling will be represented by the right card and what feeling will be represented by the left card. Alternately, a person can use one card to reveal what thing will help in the achievement of a goal and the other card to reveal a current obstacle to the goal’s achievement. After shuffling the deck two cards are drawn and placed side-by-side. Examining the cards separately as well as how the cards are similar and different from one another can render great insight into the situation.

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Three Tarot Card Spread – Past, Present and Future
Slightly more complex but still at a manageable level, the three-card spread is perfect for people wanting to examine the past, present and future elements of an issue such as the progression of one’s career. A person can also use the three-card layout to examine the current state of her body, mind and spirit. As with the two-card layout the person doing the reading specifies which card will represent which of the three elements. It is useful to examine the individual cards and how they relate to each other, noting if there is a common thread among them or if the cards tell a three-part story.

The whole point of simple Tarot spreads is to help a user become familiar with the deck and the process of performing readings. As simple spreads become routine a person can begin to learn the art of larger and more complex spreads with greater confidence, helping her become a masterful Tarot card user.

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