Psychics and Love Readings

The number one type of psychic reading requested by clients is the love reading. Typical questions are, "Will my boyfriend come back?" … "Is she serious about me?" … "Is my husband seeing someone else?" … "Is this relationship going to last?" … "Why is he/she acting this way?". Questions about love and love relationships are understandable. After all, love is often the most important thing in our lives. Love, like nothing else, can make our lives so blissful or so miserable.

tarot love readings Where getting our love questions answered is the most important thing to us as clients or callers, nearly all psychics tend to take a bigger view. Often, the more potent a psychic’s gift, the broader and more spiritual the perspective of the psychic. This applies equally to astrologers, tarot readers and all who work professionally in the divination or psychic field. The simple answer to the question, "Is he/she seeing someone else" may be "yes" or "no" or "he/she is still getting over someone else". Usually we, as a client or caller, that is all we want. However, typically, that is not all the psychic wishes to tell us.

There is this tension in the majority of psychic readings between the reader and the client. Clients often want clear cut answers and technical, logical remedies to a situation. Fair enough. Unfortunately, the spiritual world, the metaphysical universe if you will, sometimes does not work that way. Where we clients just want to know if we should dump the cheating fool or embrace them as a soul mate, a psychic is looking at things from a much bigger perspective.

The tension begins because the client is paying for the reading. And most people who are paying for a reading want to keep it affordable and want the answers to be clear cut and absolute. So, if the psychic wants to ask a few questions to get a better picture of the people involved and the situation, then the psychic runs the risk of being accused of stretching out the reading to make more money. Maybe an unethical psychic would do that. But true, dedicated, professional psychics want to give the client what they came for: Answers. But sometimes those answers are not so simple. Very often a psychic or reader is looking at both the superficial AND spiritual aspects of a love relationship. Where the superficial answers are what the client want, a good psychic wants to give at least some information on what they see from a spiritual perspective. And, too often, clients feel this ‘spiritual perspective’ is not what they are paying for.

The vast majority of those who is working professionally in the ‘psychic industry’ know that there is little to no glory in being a ‘psychic’. Most do it because it is a ‘calling’. The ability to work with spirits or read tarot accurately or plot an astrological chart that can help someone avoid heartache and disaster (and find a joyous path) is nearly always perceived as a ‘gift’. Psychic talents are considered a very spiritual thing. That, however, is not how the larger portion of society see psychics. To the general public it is all about money. After all, everything else in a consumer based society is about money. That is where ‘clients’ greatly diverge from ‘psychics’.

Good psychics (and I’m including tarot readers, astrologers, etc.) know in their bones that they work in the ‘psychic industry’ as a spiritual calling. It is not about the money and/or the glory because there really is very little of either. Psychics need money like everyone else. To pay rent, eat, feed the cat and so forth. They have to live just like all of us. Somehow, though, when you try and combine, "spirituality" with "my fee is…", the whole idea of spirituality becomes tainted. It is unfortunate, but, that is how it is. At least until psychics can earn megabucks like many churches do … or get large government subsidies like the oil industry.

Let’s return to a typical psychic love reading. A client wants to know if the person they met is their ‘soul mate’. They want a quick yes or no answer. Sometimes the answer is clear to a psychic. Other times a reader may see that what is really involved is that the client is desperate to be loved and, yes, that person they met can be a wonderful partner, but not until the client can love who they are. Or, may a psychic can see the strong attraction, but how to explain to the client that this new person they’ve met is someone they knew in another life … and they had a heartbreaking and star-crossed relationship. Should they really try again? Maybe a psychic sees a lover being unfaithful, but how to explain to the client it was a horrible mistake and their partner (after appropriate suffering) should be taken back. They do have a destiny together, but it is not destined to be easy. Such a reading is not what the client is willing to pay for. Do you see how psychics can often be caught in a "damned if you do and damned if you don’t" situation during a love reading?

Often when a person contacts a psychic for a love reading what is most important to the psychic is the well being of the client. That should be first and foremost for any quality psychic. It is not about giving the quick answers. Or, the easy answers. The client may not know it, but good psychics are as concerned to give clients honest answers as they are to help the client make the best use of those answers. Answers on important questions may involve a bit more than just yes, no or maybe. It may involve the psychic offering to take the love reading in a slightly different direction. Perhaps towards a spiritual perspective. Perhaps someone who has passed into the spirit world wishes to offer advice to the client. Perhaps it may require some different questions and the tarot cards need to be laid out a second time.

Find love or a relationship confusing? Give Psychic Arielle a call at: 1-866-407-7164

Find love or a relationship confusing? Give Psychic Arielle a call, today, at: 1-866-407-7164

In the end, it is always going to come down to if the client is ready to hear the full answers and take a broader perspective. Strange as it is, you cannot make anyone hear the truth or see the whole picture. Either they are ready, or they are not. The point of this article is to give you a broader perspective of what you are asking for when you ask for a love reading. Maybe plan on giving the psychic some latitude to give you MORE than you really came to receive. Yes, it may cost a few more dollars. Try and put that aside and consider that if you are working with a truly adept reader you may find out something that could change the course of your life in a very good way. In other words, you might learn something more important that yes, no or maybe. The easiest answers are not always the most useful in the long run. And love is a LONG, challenging run.

Has love got you in a tangle? Join the club. What ever the confusion you will find Psychic Arielle can sort things out. A natural clairvoyant and skilled tarot reader, very little escapes Arielle’s gaze. Give her a call at 1-866-407-7164.