Is Proof of Precognition Being Ignored?

Precognition is one of the five major psychic phenomena that is studied in the field of parapsychology. For most people the idea of knowing or somehow experiencing the future is difficult to believe. How is it possible to know something ahead of time? Doing so would violate the cause and effect rule of the universe, namely that an effect must always come after a cause. And yet the only way in which precognition could be considered real is if this ability did in fact successfully predict future events that could not possibly be deduced from current conditions.

Incidents of precognition have been recorded throughout history and in very culture world wide. Science has dismissed all incidents of precognition with offered alternative explanations for these events (and some of the explanations are harder to believe than precognition itself). One might think that the issue of precognition has been settled, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although a number of scientific experiments have been done which seem to debunk precognition, what many folks do not know is that a number of scientific experiments that have been done that seem to indicate the opposite – that there is a very real psychic-like experience called precognition.

For example, a few intriguing studies of precognition involved a test subject successfully predicting a random location before the location was even selected. One example of this is a 1979 study by Tart, Puthoff, and Targ. In this experiment, a participant successfully described a train yard where an experimenter was randomly sent 15 minutes later. Though this is an impressive case, most scientific thinkers tend to feel the study itself must be flawed rather that accept the results. Even though it is highly unlikely that such a result can be generated by chance, many rule out precognition as the explanation. Most prefer that the results must be the result of chance, no matter how improbable that explanation is.
Other types of precognition experiments have also had tremendous success. These include simple experimental designs which use decks of cards or random number generators. For example, a participant will be asked to predict what the state of a deck of cards will be like at some time in the future. A random number generator then decides how many times the deck will be shuffled, after which the order of the cards are compared to the prediction.

There is a very impressive study that was done in 1989. Charles Honorton and Diana Ferrari conducted a meta-analysis on 309 studies and experiments done to test precognition that had been done between the years 1935 and 1987. They found that the positive results of these studies showed a staggering odds-against-chance of 10 septillion to 1. This indicated to the researchers that something was definitely going on, and that precognition, even if only involving random number generators and cards, was undeniably real.

It must be kept in mind that a scientific study will have a harder time getting published if it does not contain positive findings. In theory, science is about the pure pursuit of knowledge, but in practice, a paper which says "something exciting happened" has a much better chance of getting published than one that says "nothing exciting happened." Therefore it is more than possible that there are precognition studies out there which did not find anything, and which would have lowered those amazing odds against chance had they been published. That was the argument used to dismiss Honorton and Ferrari’s research, which was widely circulated within the scientific community.

However, the fact is, Honorton and Ferrari did take this issue into account. They calculated that in order for the odds to be nothing more than chance, there would have to have been 14,268 unpublished studies on precognition out there. There would have to be thousands of precognition studies locked away in some researcher’s desk drawer somewhere. This does not make rational sense in that the number of people working in this area is very small. Too many scientists insist that the issue of precognition, psychic abilities and so forth is settled and time should not be spent on such fringe topics. It is just extremely unlikely, nearly impossible, that so many extra studies involving so many extra hours of work were not published, mentioned or were lost somewhere.

Psychics, clairvoyants, those working in divination with tarot, astrology and numerology have long argued that there is some mechanism that allows for some individuals at particular times to access what the likely future will be. Perhaps this mechanism involves the human mind or consciousness. Maybe it involves a yet undiscovered metaphysical principal. Rather that deal with the mystery, most find it saver to marginalize those individuals and groups who disagree with the prevailing model of the universe according to physics, which is, that knowing the future (through dreams, divination, meditation or whatever) is impossible. A truly rational person would at least allow for the possibility, given the research results and the antidotal evidence, which has piled up over the years and centuries.

It was the brilliant American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler who said, "Time is nature’s way to keep everything from happening all at once". Though it is very unlikely John Archibald Wheeler ever believed in such ‘fringe’ phenomena as precognition, his statement seems to contain an important insight into the more mystical possibilities of the universe. Suppose everything IS all happening at once? If one could remove ‘time’ from the equation, then it suddenly becomes possible to peek into the future … as well as the past and the present in all locations. Perhaps we cannot physically time travel, but the human mind doesn’t seem to suffer from such physically limitations. It’s worth thinking about, at least.

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