Getting A Grip On Palmistry: Reading The Lines

One of the key elements in palm reading is the ability to read the principal lines on the hand. This means getting to know what the lines on the hand are called (terminology) and what each of the lines mean. This is an introduction to reading the key lines on the hand. In a previous article History Of Palm Reading we covered a brief history of palmistry, or chiromancy; what makes palm reading a unique form of divination or fortune telling. And, we also previously looked at the difference between the right and left hands.

Now, let’s move on to one of the best known elements of palm reading – what the lines on the hand mean. What we will cover here will be what are often called the ‘principal lines’. Principal lines are almost universally the deepest and most prominent lines on the hand. These are life line, head line and the heart line. For this article we are also going to cover one of the minor lines, the fate line since this is a line that is easily one of the more important lines on the hand.
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The first line on the hand we will take a look at is the life line which is the thick line closest to the thumb. The life line begins near the wrist and circles up to just in between the thumb and forefinger. Despite what many think, most professional, experienced palm readers believe that the length of the life line is NOT strictly about how long someone will live. What palmist generally do believe is that the life line holds clues to one’s vitality and how one might express that vitality. Will someone be an adventurer or prefer to be a homebody? Does this person have the drive to accomplish things forcefully? Or, are they more interested in live-and-let-live. The life line might better be considered to be about energy and the expression of that energy.

The head line, in contemporary terms, is about ‘what’s going on in your head’. It is above the life line. The head line is a visible line that runs clear across your palm and is the middlemost line of all the principal lines and usually the most clearly defined. The head line is used by palm readers to determine the intellectual and personal values of someone. Whether someone is exceptionally curious (or not) and how a person may relate to others. The head line can reveal if a person’s key interest is wisdom, riches, to dominate and so forth. This particular line can reveal if someone is more creative or intellectual. Knowing this can help a palmist ascertain if a person is in conflict with their career, love life and more. In ancient history, some palmist might read this one line to determine if the person was worthy of the palmist’s counsel.

The heart line is typically the first line read by a palm reader (likely because the most common questions for palm readers are about love and relationships). Also, this line is at the top most of the principal lines. From the heart line a palmist gathers information about the emotional state and love life of someone. The heart line, though strongly associated with love, affections and relationships, also includes how one deals with emotions and emotional issues. Is the person open and emotional? Or, do they struggle with emotions? Does this person love deeply, or is cautious? When dealing with setbacks and losses, winning and succeeding, how does this person emotionally deal with these events? Answers to these questions can often be discovered in the heart line.

As mentioned, the above lines are generally considered the ‘principle lines’ which make them the foundation of palm reading. I consider the Fate line of special importance, even though it is considered one of the ‘minor lines’. So, let’s take a look at this special line that is at the heart of divination within palm reading.

An argument could be made that the fate line is the most mystical of the lines. This line starts at the top-middle of the hand in most people and runs all the way down. The fate line’s intersects the head line and life line helping a palm reader peak into the future of the person whose palms are being reading. In chiromancy, the fate line line is about what strong possibilities may occur in one’s future. The fate line is sometimes called ‘the line of destiny’. You could say the fate line is about things that just seem to happen to you, things that come from outside yourself. These may be events that take place in society that come to impact your life. Or, it could be about being in the right place at the right time. The fate line is also about one’s goals in life, one’s purpose. That purpose may be humble or grand. One may have a fate that is more powerfully felt, or not. This is where the skill and experience of a palmist is tested because the fate line can be one of the most tricky to interpret.

After the ‘principal lines’ come the ‘minor lines’. Each of the minor lines are read to help understand and provide additional details to the principal lines. Some of the minor lines are:
The Sun line (is there fame or infamy in your future?).
The Girdle of Venus (how clever are you?).
The Union lines (what kind of bonding will you have in relationships?).
The Mercury line (how strong are you internally and can you communicate to win?).
The Travel lines (will you travel? For how long and how much?).
The Apollo line (does fortune favor you?)

The above are some of the more important of the ‘minor lines’, there are more. As mentioned in the previous article History Of Palm Reading, palmistry is about more than just the lines on the hand. Everything about the hand(s) are read by a skilled palm reader: The mounds, ridges, bumps, size, unusual birth features and even color of the hand(s) are read. There is far more to palm reading than most know.

A question that often comes up is this: "Does a person need to be psychic in order to palm read?". This question will obviously be answered by different people in different ways. How someone answers this depends greatly on the depth of their experience (and belief in) the mystical and metaphysical. The answer for this simple article is yes-and-no. No doubt this is an unsatisfactory answer. But, let me explain why this is the best answer here and now.

What is found in the hand of a person being read, the physical properties of the hand, are what they are. It is the palm reader’s training and experience that will interpret what that particular hand has to say. There is also another element at work (should you believe in psychic gifts) which is similar to what is at work when a tarot reader reads cards, or an astrologer studies charts, or when a numerologist goes over the numbers present in someone’s life. It is the interaction between the reader and the divination technique. What is right in front of you in someone’s hand, or in the tarot cards drawn, or an astrological chart, can create impressions, images, feelings, insights that go beyond the technical aspects. These images, impressions, messages, feelings, or whatever, seem to come from ‘some place else’. Perhaps that is the ‘psychic forces’ at work, maybe not. But, these impressions can be important and often down right difficult to ignore.

Do you need to be psychic to palm read? No. Neither do you need to be psychic to learn tarot, or numerology or astrology. These are forms of divination based on ancient systems of knowledge. There is a methodology that can be learned, studied and practiced. What is very often reported by those who take up a particular form of divination, whether it is rune stones or palm reading, is that, over time, the practitioner begins to sense that there is something psychic going on. Call it an awakening of psychic talents or empathy or intuition, whatever you prefer, but it is very often reported by those who choose to study divination.

This discovery of inward ‘psychic’ abilities becomes something else that must be studied and mastered. Especially if one is going to excel at a particular type of divination. Without getting into too much detail, there are accurate psychic impressions and there are just plain ol’ feelings that come from somewhere else. The art is separating the two.

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In the art of palm reading having a psychic nature or potent intuitive powers can prove to be a key for some practitioners to provide impressive, accurate readings. If that is what a person is after (to excel at palm reading), then, maybe the answer is "yes, being a bit psychic is helpful to mastering palmistry". It just depends on the person and the goals.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this overview of palm reading, palm readers and palmistry in general. Whether you are here to gain some insight into this ancient art of divination for entertainment purposes, or you are considering getting serious about palm reading, I wish you the best.

If you are interested in learning more about palm reading check out Palm Reading: Beginners. Although this book is targeted for beginners, you will find it rich in information on palmistry. Want to know about what may be in the future for you? Psychic Arabella. She is a clairsentient and clairvoyant ready to answer any questions you might have. You can contact Arabella at 1-866-327-9032.palm reading