Ophiuchus Traits – Is the Thirteenth Sign Here to Stay?

In a previous article The Thirteenth Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus: What Does It Mean? we discussed the rising interest in this ‘new’ thirteenth Zodiac sign and the mythology behind Ophiuchus (also known as Asclepius, son of Apollo). In this article we will explore the traits of those born under the constellation of Ophiuchus and if this suggested, new Zodiac sign will ever become part of traditional astrology.

What are the Traits of Those Born Under the Sign of Ophiuchus?

Interpretations in astrology are often drawn from the mythological associations. Some of the primary characteristics of someone born in the sign of Ophiuchus (November 29 to December 17) are: The ability to heal and regenerate quickly; a natural affinity to health and knack with the healing arts; someone dedicated to learning; a concern for the well being of others; and a ‘lucky streak’ than seems to allow Ophiuchans come back from difficulties quickly or escape tragedy altogether. On the whole, being born in the thirteenth sign of Ophiuchus is considered beneficial. But, there is a dark side (as with all astrological signs) to Ophiuchus.

stars of Ophiuchus thriteenth zodiac sign

Constellation of Ophiuchus

Ophiuchans can rise quickly in a profession (especially the sciences, healthcare and education) only to find themselves suddenly cast down. It could be they challenge existing authority or become too clever for their own good. Often, Ophiuchans who suffer set backs often spring back stronger. Ophiuchans after a set back become more concerned with the greater good and less concerned with personal glory. Unfortunately, when an Ophiuchans luck runs out, it really runs out and there is no way back. Ophiuchans who understand their sign would do well to temper their ambitions, tread gently around authority and begin with understanding what is good for all concerned and not just themselves. Being cautious and self-aware can better protect a Ophiuchan’s long term interests and well being.

Like everything else in the birth chart, astrologers who use the Ophiuchus sign, understand that the position and aspects to the Sun or other planets in this sign have to be taken into account. For example, Ophiuchus as a rising sign indicates someone tall, good looking, with good people skills. Think Prince William, whose ascendant is in Ophiuchus. The Sun in this sign is likely to lead the native to consider the healing arts as a profession, while Venus here would indicate a natural healing love of humanity. To have Mars here would show a battlefield healer whose power is expressed by bringing peace, and Mercury would show a fine mind devoted to learning. The Moon in Ophiuchus would give the native a powerful emotionally healing presence.

What is the Chance Ophiuchus Will Be the Thirteenth Zodiac Sign?

Whether we like it or not, the path of the sun in relationship to earth is going to travel through the constellation of Ophiuchus for a LONG time to come. First, let us clear up some very important facts: Your Zodiac sign has not changed UNLESS you were born recently. That is because only recently has the path of the sun has only recently begun to travel solidly through the constellation of Ophiuchus. The media hype about the "new zodiac sign" and "the new zodiac configuration" has poorly reported that no one’s zodiac sign has really changed. Rather, people born recently and into the future can now be born with the sun passing through the constellation of Ophiuchus … which happens naturally in the earth’s 26,000 year rotational cycle.

We are talking the science of astronomy which scientifically tracks the movement of the earth and heavens. Astronomy was born of astrology, and so both share a common history. Part of this history is the calculated movement of the stars and planets. In very simple terms, everything in the universe is in motion, including the Earth. A rotational pattern of the Earth (let’s just call in a North-South pole wobble) brings the sun’s path through the constellation Ophiuchus in this 26,000 year wobble-pattern at the poles. And, yes, the ancient Babylonians and Greeks and Chinese knew about it (and still went ahead and created only 12 Zodiac signs). However, with the sun now passing through the constellation of Ophiuchus, it does represent some fascinating possibilities for, and challenges to, astrology. Keep in mind that ALL the zodiac signs have the sun passing through their particular constellation at some point in a year’s time … and now Ophiuchus has joined the club … again.

A glyph has been designed for Ophiuchus, for those astrologers who choose to use the thirteenth sign. It is a U with a wavy line running across the center, like a serpent. However, it is unlikely that astrology will overturn the twelve sign zodiac in favor of thirteen signs. The basic zodiac wheel is divided into twelve for a purpose, giving not only twelve signs but twelve areas of endeavor through the houses. It has worked for millennia, and will continue to work, giving all the information that is needed to interpret a birth chart.

That being said, astrology has a progressive streak within it. We are talking about a ‘science’ that is also an art. Many additions and changes have been made over the centuries with no detriment to astrology’s power and significance. Planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been incorporated into astrological readings since their discovery – and while Pluto may have been downgraded by astronomy, astrologers are reluctant to let it go because it works as a key to interpretation.

Lesser bodies like Chiron, Juno and Ceres have also become more commonly used, and even some very surprising asteroids with names like Shakespeare and James Bond have proved to be relevant in someone’s chart. While Ophiuchus may not be entirely significant to everyone, there are still natives to whom its appearance in a chart is worth noting.

When you are ready to talk with a certified astrology with wonderful empathic psychic talents, give Jude a call at:  1-800-806-5899 - toll free Canada and the U.S.

When you are ready to talk with a certified astrology with wonderful empathic psychic talents, give Jude a call at: 1-800-806-5899 – toll free Canada and the U.S.

Just like every other tool at the astrologer’s disposal, no matter how obscure, Ophiuchus has its uses. If some details are proving slippery and indefinable, taking note of the presence of the handsome healer can often be the key that unlocks the secrets held in the human heart – and that is what astrology aims to do.

Whether traditional astrologers, and those who beginning their study of astrology, the fact is that the sun will be passing through the constellation of Ophiuchus whether one likes this fact or not. The question under debate is now that this heavenly event has returned, how should astrology best adapt to it? Should Ophiuchus be made an ‘honorary’ zodiac sign that only applies every 6,000 years or so? Astrologer’s cannot ignore how the stars are aligning without abandoning astrology all together?

Bottom line: The constellation Ophiuchus has been in the night sky for as long as recorded history. Now, the sun’s path, which is a vital component is ALL zodiac signs, has begun to pass through Ophiuchus? That isn’t going away. But, should Ophiuchus be recognized, now, as a new thirteenth Zodiac sign? Hummmmm. It is a question, isn’t it?

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