Numerology: Finding Your Life Path Number

In numerology, your birthday is more than just that special month, day and year when you were born. It is an alignment of digits used to identify your Life Path— the dominant theme or objective emanating throughout your life journey. Adding the numbers of your birth date together accurately is the beginning of finding your station in the "Grand Scheme".

Even if two people have the same birth date, their numerology profile will be different. A Life Path is shaped by many different things; however, the name a person receives at birth has the greatest impact. This is because in all forms of numerology (Pythagorean, Kabbalah, Vedic, etc.) the consonants and vowels of a name are converted to numerical equivalents and added together as well. The result is a type of numerical psychological profile that can yield fascinating insights.

To discern what is considered the most important number in your chart, take your birthday in its complete numerical form and add it together.

Example: May 26, 1959 = 6/28/1956
5 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 9 = 37
Because the numbers 1 through 9 are the mainstay of western numerology (also known as the Pythagorean Method), all numbers are broken down to a single digit. find you lucky numbers on your lifes path Therefore, the number 37 would be reduced to 10 and 10 would be further reduced to the number 1.
3 + 7 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

An individual with a birthday of May 26, 1959 would have a Life Path number of 1. The only time numbers are not reduced to a single digit in western numerology is in the case of Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33. These are numbers looked at as part of the Trinity, vibrations that denote greater responsibility due to a capacity for higher learning and consciousness.

In the study of numerology, numbers have key traits or emanate with “vibrations or energies” that manifest in a number of ways. Keep in mind that it is possible to operate on the positive or negative side of a number and the other numbers within your chart have an effect on whether traits express themselves as balanced, obscure or intense.

Numerology Life Path 1

If you consider the many concepts revolving around the number 1, you’ll understand the dominant vibration of this Life Path. It means being first, being the best, standing apart— or being lonely when operating on the negative side of things. Aspects that are often found in this Life Path relate to coming up with or exploring new ideas. It’s being the one in charge or the one who works independently. The aspects of solitariness, uniqueness, leading or being the “go-to” person vibrate strongly.

Numerology Life Path 2

For the 2, life is operated from a dominant vibration of balance and harmony. Discord is all but shunned; however, the failure to speak up in uncomfortable situations can result in being taken advantage of. There is a devotion to home, love and family and a keen ability to hear the hearts of others. The provision of emotional support and physical affection is constant. Aspects of diplomacy, solutions, fairness and compassion vibrate strongly.

Numerology Life Path 3

The dominant vibration of this Life Path is expression. Whether this is through singing, acting, photography, writing or a combination of mediums, it will be creative and fascinating— maybe even a little scandalous. There is basic need to explore and enjoy life, leading to dangerous self-indulgence if carried too far. A wonderful sense of humor enthralls everyone within range. Charm, an amazing ability to speak, romance, performance and communication are all aspects that vibrate strongly.

Numerology Life Path 4

Intellect is the dominant vibration emanating from the 4 Life Path. Aspects that relate to thinking, logic and analysis as well as routine are important for everyday function. There is also an appreciation of nature and outdoor activity. On the negative side, the tendency to become emotionally detached can make relating to others difficult. Still, there is no dismissing the ever-present virtues of honesty and steadfast loyalty. You’ll find aspects of education, rationality, truth, integrity and simplicity vibrating strongly.

Numerology Life Path 5

In the 5, exploration is the dominant vibration. Travel (or the desire to) is a common passion. However, the need to “investigate and know” can mean anything from researching a new concept to trying out the newest nightclub. The physical senses are very important but a predisposition for overindulgence makes self-discipline a must. Freedom in all forms will always outrank convention. Aspects of examination, sensuality, independence, enjoyment and diversity vibrate strongly.

Numerology Life Path 6

The dominant vibration here expresses the energy of the caregiver. The approach to life is one of nurturing whether it’s love, friendships, family ties or work relationships. The compassionate authority that emanates offers a sense of safety, resulting in a natural proclivity for parenting. Yet, the need to take care of every detail can result in the unintentional smothering of others. The aspects of fostering, kindness, home, beauty and generosity vibrate strongly for those in this Life Path.

Numerology Life Path 7

Introspection is the dominant vibration for this Life Path. Like the 4 Life Path, the 7 is a very cerebral number; however, much of thought process involves intangible concepts rather than hard data. Operating on the negative side of this number manifests traits of skepticism and doubt. For the most part, this is where issues of perception, faith and the mysteries of the universe are sorted out. Thinking, psychology, introversion, self-examination and the arcane are all aspects that vibrate strongly here.

Numerology Life Path 8

The 8 emanates a dominant vibration of all things executive. Interestingly, there is a strong influence of the spiritual in this Life Path as well. This is expressed in a sharp, innate ability for material creation stemming from a fertile gift for visualization. Money and power are common implements of design associated with the 8; nevertheless, only those operating from the negative will struggle with control issues or let their vision slip to obsess over dollars and cents. Expect the aspects of leadership, career, institutions, business and financial status to vibrate strongly.

Want help navigating your life path? Give Master Numerologist and Psychic Martha a call. Straight talk, straight answers. Call now:  1-866-326-9032

Want help navigating your life path? Give Master Numerologist and Psychic Martha a call. Straight talk, straight answers. Call now: 1-866-326-9032

Numerology Life Path 9

As the Life Path that encompasses all the vibrations that come before it, humanitarianism emanates as the dominant vibration for the number 9. There is a greater awareness of people and the world at large and a desire to create harmony between the two. Learning to navigate and create balance in this Life Path requires time. Cynicism and burnout often results when too much time is spent caring for others. Leadership, consideration, innate intelligence, family and social causes are all aspects that vibrate strongly.

There is a divine numerical order to the universe and you are part of it. However, it is not just the digits in numerology that make your profile unique and captivating. It is where they are placed, how often they show up and how their energies bounce off of one another that make you (and your chart) distinct.

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