Apply the Law of Attraction to Weight Loss

The law of attraction can be a wonderful tool with which to establish the enthusiasm, motivation and focus you need in order to lose weight. No doubt, you unwittingly used the same law when you gained unwanted pounds, and you can certainly utilize it again in a constructive manner.

How you used the law of attraction previously

weight loss articles Incredibly, your use of attraction led to your weight gain. Everyone puts such laws into practice when they focus upon a subject intently. In your case, there might have been times when you experienced deep desires to eat calorie-laden foods. During such moments, you concentrated on what you longed to eat. You used all of your senses to make your imaginings seem real. You pictured the foods that you wanted to consume, and imagined what they would taste like. You may also have visualized where you were going to buy them and how you were going to prepare them for consumption. You focused, honed your senses, and formulated a plan of action. You then followed through with the behaviors that caused you to achieve your aim.

You are already a master of the law of attraction; you just need to learn how to direct it toward helping you lose weight.

Gain clarity

Begin by deciding exactly what you want to achieve by losing weight. For example, do you want to look great in photographs on a special occasion? Alternatively, do you want to become empowered by being as physically attractive as possible?

Develop a statement

Create a statement that encapsulates what you want to accomplish. Declarations such as, “I intend to lose eight pounds before my wedding in December,” and, “my confidence will shine as I become slim and beautiful,” are effective.


Picture yourself living the life that you want to lead with the physical and emotional changes that you desire having taken place. Take time to imagine that you are walking using your new, slim body and going about your daily life with confidence.

When your visualization feels as real as possible, imagine the steps that you would have taken to get to your goal. Doing so will help you formulate a successful plan of action.

Deepen your focus

Just as you once used your senses to enhance your motivation to eat unhealthy foods, you can utilize the same technique to deepen your motivation to lose weight.

Picture yourself exercising and eating healthy foods. Apply all of the gusto you can muster. In addition to seeing yourself engaged in healthy behaviors, imagine how doing so will feel emotionally and physically. Furthermore, when you imagine yourself consuming healthy foods, pretend that you can touch and smell them. If you visualize cooking, use your imagination to create the sounds that you would hear taking place during the cooking process. If you are thinking about playing tennis as a means of keeping fit, hear the sound of the ball hitting your racket.

Repeat the statement that you have formulated each time you get out of bed in the morning and as you climb back under the covers at night. Additionally, create a storyboard illustrating the activities you will engage in once you have lost weight. You might also place a picture of someone who is your ideal weight on the board, and illustrations of the clothes you will wear upon achieving a successful outcome.


Whenever the opportunity to make a decision arises, ask yourself what will best propel you toward your goal. Each step you take can move you in the direction that you choose to travel. The foods you consume, the activities in which you engage, and even the people you spend time with can influence whether you are successful or unsuccessful. Choose wisely, and you will keep a positive momentum flowing. The universe will send you more opportunities to become healthy and slim if you base your decisions on following your weight loss plan.


Developing a sense of gratitude for what you have at this moment in time will attract more experiences for which you will be thankful. Be grateful for your body and health, since these are areas to which you want to attract attention in a positive manner. You may be dissatisfied with your figure now, but constantly berating yourself and deepening feelings of self-dislike will send out the wrong vibrations.

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Find aspects of your body that you are thankful about, such as its ability to allow you to do things that you enjoy, and focus on positive thoughts. Drop negativity about your appearance in favor of gratitude.

The law of attraction can motivate and inspire you, so that your weight loss journey is empowering rather than a cumbersome task. Apply the principles of the law to your thoughts and behavior and you will achieve success.

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