An Introduction to Horary Astrology

Modern astrology focuses primarily on the human personality through study of an individual’s natal chart, or birth chart. But as fascinating as modern natal astrology may be, it has limited uses. A modern astrologer who tries to read your character through your birth chart may be able to give you an endless list of flattering adjectives, but he or she can rarely address matters of immediate concern. “Will we get back together?” you may ask, or “Where are the house keys?” A modern natal astrologer is ill-equipped to answer such questions, because his interpretation skills rarely go beyond personality analysis.

Enter horary astrology. This type of astrology is quite different from what you may know. Horary is the practice of reading a chart to answer specific questions, based on the time and place when the question is asked. Horary astrology is a traditional astrological practice.

What Is Horary Astrology?

Horary astrology is based on the belief that when you ask a sincere question, the answer lies in the position of the stars and planets when you asked that question. You can think of a horary chart as the birth chart of a question.

Horary follows traditional astrological rules of interpretation which may strike you as fortune-telling. But a horary chart is not written in stone. Instead, it is believed to show what is most likely to happen if things continue as they are, or if a person makes such and such a decision. Also, horary promises psychological insight when needed, just as modern astrology does.

Believers in horary astrology find it very useful and practical. You can ask horary questions on just about anything: health, education, money, love, rumors, career choices, lost objects, business proposals and more. Some questions are easier to answer than others, and some astrologers are better than others. Because horary rules can get complex, they are tougher to learn than modern astrological interpretation of a birth chart.

Horary astrologers disagree on a number of issues. Some say you can ask questions about things that do not personally involve you (such as about politics or celebrities); others say horary is valid only for questions that really concern you. Often, students and professionals argue over which house (an area of the horoscope) to assign cars and other topics. There are horary astrologers that use the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and there are those that use only the seven ancient planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).

Brief History of Horary Astrology

Most scholars in astrology believe that horary astrology is the youngest branch of astrology. Astrology itself has a history that stretches so far back into human history that agreement as to origins of techniques and branches can generate heated controversy. Astrology itself began when mankind began to study the stars in the sky some 25,000 years ago. Over time, there seems to have evolved three great branches of astrology, Western or Hellenistic AstrologyVedic Astrology (associated with India) – Asian or Chinese astrology. The oldest known written references to astrology seem to go back to ancient Babylon (around 4,000 years ago), where the roots of Horary astrology begin.

Horary astrology is closely associated with what are called ‘katarche charts’. We all are familiar with ‘natal charts’, which were thought to be developed by the ancient Babylonians around 600 BC. Basically, a natal chart takes the moment and location you were born and examines the configuration of the heavens at that place and time – this shows what forces were at play at the time of one’s birth – and how these forces will influence and interact throughout a one’s life. A katarche chart does something similar, only a katarche chart examines an event, instead of a person.

It is believed that katarche charts were first developed by the ancient Greeks. ‘Katarche’ means ‘beginnings’ and katarche charts were created to understand the deeper meanings of important events. These charts were divided into three components: The beginnings or elections: predictive or questions; and diagnostic or horary. The rules regarding creating and interpreting a katarche chart are believed to have become the basis for Horary Astrology. Some scholars feel that the Greeks development of katarche charts drew upon Babylonian traditions in magic (or magick, if you prefer).

Modern horary astrology really began to take form in the West between 800 and 1600 AD in Europe. This is when horary astrology also began to be recognized as a unique branch of astrology. As a sperate branch of astrology, horary has grown and evolved over time and therefore developed unique approaches to creating and interpreting astrological charts. Some say that those who have trained in traditional astrology find Horary astrology very different.

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Horary astrology has, in recent years, become popular and there seems to have developed two different approaches. One is the traditional, orthodox approach to horary astrology using strict rules for creating and interpreting charts. The other begins with the basic rules of horary astrology but utilizes more intuitive and creative approaches to interpreting charts. This more creative and intuitive approach is particularly attractive to those who have studied other forms of divination. The two different approaches create some passionate disagreements between among those who study and utilize horary astrology.

Which ever side of the Horary astrology divide you find yourself on, there is no doubt that horary astrology is a deep and fascinating subject. There is something mystical and strangely spiritual about being able to apply the movement and meaning of the universe to basic, even simple questions (and get answers to those questions).

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