Communicating with the Other Side: Simple Signs a Loved One’s Spirit is Near

Loved ones who pass over want us to know they are okay. They want to be able to communicate with us as much as we want to connect with them. However, for spiritual reasons that none of us here on earth may ever understand, direct communication with souls who have passed-on is not easy (expect, perhaps, for those bless with some form of clairvoyance or related spiritual senses). Nonetheless, simple communication between the living and those on the other side may be possible … once we learn to look for the signs.

Although people in spirit world communicate in their own specific ways, there are similarities in the methods most spirits use. Communicating with those on the other side is not going to be the same as talking with a loved ones before their passing. The afterlife is often mysterious and mystical, beyond our material comprehension. Yet, we can become comfortable communicating in the softer, less dense world of the other side with both humans and beloved pets that have crossed over.

Peripheral vision and other sensory phenomenon are among the most common communications. You may see a shadow in your peripheral vision or the loved one as a transparent figure at a distance. You might even see that person clearly in a crowd. Or, perhaps you might hear them say something to you just before sleep or just before waking. Contact Spirits These peripheral experiences are not limited to just humans. Pets who have passed on may also attempt to communicate with you. You may think you hear the bark of a beloved companion that is often heard as though coming from a long distance away. Seem to catch a glimpse of a cat dashing through the house. These occurrences are easily brushed off as something imagined. These unexpected, seeming impossible occurrences can happen so quickly that they are easy to miss or dismiss. Do not dismiss them out of hand. Instead ask if the loved one is present. If a departed spirit is wishing to let you know they are well and happy in the afterlife then there is a likelihood that the event will repeat itself in the near future.

Aromas often tell us our loved ones are near. You might notice a departed loved one’s favorite perfume; or the smell of tobacco if they were smoker; or other possible scents that you associate with that person like a special flower or a special meal. Touch is also common. The touch will feel like someone lightly brushed against you or touched your shoulder but there is no one near. Touch occurs often with pets that pass over such as the feel of a beloved cat brushing against your leg or a dog pressing against you wishing loving attention. You may feel someone holding your hand just before sleep. Again, you may not want to dismiss these unusual experiences too quickly as imaginings, especially when they come at unexpected times.

Electronics and electrical appliances are often used by loved ones to signal they are still around. A few of the ways electronics and electrical items are manipulated include electric lights flicking; text messages appearing or old emails suddenly being ‘found’; phones (particularly cellphones) misbehaving; radios starting to play or volume on the radio changing to highlight a message or song; the television turning on in the middle of the night; or even messages of love coming over the wireless system in large stores. Pay attention. What light is being flicked? Is it in the loved one’s favorite room or a quiet place where your mind is open? What are the words of the song on the radio or what is the show on the television? Perhaps you are receiving a message. Listen. All that is required is that you be open to the possibility. If you have doubts, ask for reassurance. For example, if a light flickers, ask your loved one to flick the light again. It cannot hurt to ask that unusual events be repeated in order to help you with your understandable doubts.

Birds and butterflies often can be instruments to help you know that a loved one in the afterlife is near. The use of birds and butterflies for spirits to make their presence known has long been recorded in history in just about all cultures. Some Native Americans have long believed that ravens and crows can carry spirits and/or messages to and from the spirit world. Pay attention when birds, especially cardinals, woodpeckers, and birds of prey may swoop close or even come pecking at a window. A single butterfly may flit around you or even sit atop your shoulder or hand. You may find that a particular butterfly may return to see you day after day. Should you see a group of butterflies, especially if you are thinking of the loved one or visiting a grave site, take it as a wonderful sign. Your loved one is fine and doing well on another plane of existence. They transitioned to another kind of life, and they are O.K.. There is nothing wrong with looking for and paying attention to any of these possible signs from the natural world. It is only a loved one (or perhaps even a guardian angel or spirit guide) providing assurance that all is well.

Dreams and visions are means of communication spirits may choose to use. This can be especially true when one’s grief is too deep to receive other forms of contact. When asleep we release our doubts that inhibit contact, so the spirit of a loved one can easier penetrate our thoughts. What we think of as a dream may actually be a vision. The loved one has appeared to ease your grief. A vision, as opposed to a dream, feels more real without the complications of dreams. The loved one may simply appear in a light above the bed or near the foot of the bed.

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Above are a several common ways a loved one on the other side may try to signal us they are still around. Other actions that often signal communications from the spirit world can include photos being moved or tilted; keys or jewelry being lost, and then found in an unusual place; knocking or similar sounds; pets growling or other strange behaviors; cool and/or unusual spots in a room; or a loved one’s favorite chair or other object being moved or altered in some way.

Once we open communication with our loved ones, the contact helps to ease our grief at their loss. We may continue to miss the daily interaction, but we have a sense of their presence in our lives. As with any learning process, we must be patient with ourselves and our loved ones as we grasp this new form of communicating. The deeper our grief, the more difficult it is for them to penetrate into our psyche. As we heal, communication .

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