Bringing Back The Love

It happens to many couples whether married, living together or in a long term relationship: One day, you’re hopelessly in love with each other, and the next, you wonder exactly who this stranger is in your home. Is he angry or something? Is she tired of me? Why doesn’t he figure out I’m bored? Why is she giving me such a hard time? It’s no wonder many people contact psychics to try and get insights into what is going on with their husband, wife, lover, friend. Not that there is anything wrong with getting some ‘supernatural’ help every now and then. But before assuming the worst, or allow dark thoughts to begin haunting you, maybe you should try a few things to see if you can rekindle the light and love. Let’s face it, whether you’ve been with someone you love for one year or ten, you might feel as if your relationship could use a jump start. Below are some suggestions you can use to bring a little love back into your home and relationship.

Always Fight Fair – There is Harm in Hurting

psychic relationship advice Has time dimmed your respect your husband, wife or lover. There is some truth to the old saying, "familiarity breeds contempt". It is our own weakness when we stop seeing the real person in front of us and only see a symbol or the past. The real person in front of you has hopes, fears, aspirations, and emotions. You cut them, they will bleed. If you are married, consider this – are you being the one person your husband or wife can always feel comfortable turning to, no matter what happens? If you want someone to consider you that person who will always be on their side, ask yourself, are you being the person who can be trusted with this sacred task?

As long as there are two or more people on earth there will be disagreements. That is the reality. So, it is normal and healthy to have occasional disagreements in a loving relationship. What is important is that when disagreements arise, large or small, fight fair! This is especially true with arguments over important topics. Avoid name-calling. Just don’t do it. Make an effort (exhausting as it may be) to listen to your partner or spouse and understand their feelings and perspective. That doesn’t mean you give up your own feelings or perspective, only that you try and understand and respect your partner or spouses feelings, goals and perspective.

If you go over the line in anger or frustration be big enough to apologize sincerely. Even if you do something innocently, with no intent to create a fight, be ready to apologize for causing some real (or imagined) anger or hurt feelings. Then, once calm is restored, try and explore what the heck happened. It may be necessary to educate your husband, wife, partner in how to do the same … maybe make an agreement that when unintended slights or ‘accidents’ happen, that these incidents are handled with an apology and an exploration of what happened.

Do not be surprised if a husband, wife or lover has never learned to fight fair, or to handle disagreements at all. If you have not addressed this very important topic, it is important that you do. If you have stopped honoring the rules of fighting fair, you must ask what is wrong with you, not them. If both of you have given up on fighting fair, it is long past due to sit down and deal with this issue. Apologies are likely due on both sides.

The Person You Love is Still Here

The person you loved is still here. Be grateful. Consider for a moment that the man or woman you married, this partner you have loved, isn’t that person still here. What was it about them you fell in love with? Aren’t those qualities still present, though perhaps a bit dimmed by time and roughed-up by circumstances? This person you loved is still special. Maybe what is needed is bit of work bring the best out in them. Have you been doing that? What can you do to bring back that quirky smile, or that goofy grin. Was it the conversations you loved or the adventures you shared which lit the passions? Reflect on when that seemed to stop. Reflect deeper on your responsibility in why those moments seemed to go away. Remembering what first brought on those loving feeling is the path back to finding them again. Taking responsibility for how those special feeling collapsed can give you the power to create a more loving future.

Have you been trying to change the fundamental nature of your wife, husband or partner? Adding to a person’s character is one thing.
Thinking you know what is best about who someone should or should not be is an entirely different thing. Love began and can continue only when you embrace who your spouse or partner really is. Making disparaging remarks, nagging, using anger or manipulation to try remake a loved one into someone else is not really love. Self-love, maybe. If there really is something wrong, talk openly about the things you perceive as problems in the relationship.

Everyone has flaws. Some suffer from more depression than others. Some only want to live in the shallow fun-fun-fun state of mind. Others have trouble with any number of emotions or struggle with different types of situations. Hey, there just are not any perfect people. Love may make us blind, but sooner or later the love stricken will bump into something they didn’t see (or didn’t want to see). If something is really a problem, discuss it. Otherwise, accept that we are all flawed is some way. The trick is to love those seeming flaws. Sometimes all it takes is love to make those flaws better.

Make Sure The Lines of Communications Remain Open

Communication can get more difficult over time. Keeping all lines of communication open and clear is not easy. Silly as it sounds, lines of communication between wives, husbands, loving partners, are no different that telephone lines, plumbing lines, Internet lines … all of it requires maintenance over time. Even if you think you have a psychic connection like wi-fi with your loved one, even this needs updating and checking from time to time. In general, people have problems communicating clearly. With people who love or have loved one another, it can become easier is some ways to communicate and more difficult in other ways. You have to keep the lines free of static; keep the lines flushed of built up history; repair frayed lines and broken lines; tap into newer methods of communication.

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There are all sorts of lines of communication, not just talking. Often we communicate best without talking. We can communicate with touch. We can communicate with a special meal we cook. We can communicate with that actions we take or do not take. Consider how you are communicating with your husband, wife or lover. How are you dressing, lately? What meals have you prepared … if any? Have you asked your loved one out on a date? Have you stopped respecting yourself? Have you brought your partner in life a gift lately? What are you communicating? Talk is important. But in love, often the most important messages are outside the words.

If there is a single person in this world you should feel comfortable communicating with, it should be that special someone you love. Especially if you are married. If you are married, you made a special, spiritual promise to be that someone whom your spouse could always communicate honestly with … and you with them. It’s wonderful to say, "I love you" every now and then. Better still to show the love. That is keeping the lines of communication open.

As challenging as it may be, if you want love to stay, you have to know what is being communicated, you have to be honest. You cannot avoid uncomfortable conversations about difficult subjects. There is no such thing as an effortless love. On the bright side – with love all things are possible and any burden turned to joyful work.

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