Attracting And Understanding Pisces Men

How hot are Pisces men? Seriously hot if you love a man with a deep mind who will surprise you with his many talents and interests. This is not a man you are going to figure out quickly. Attracting and seducing a Pisces man can be surprisingly easy, if you only want his body. But love? That will require you being sincere … and dedicated.

When you go after a Pisces man it is best you know what you are in for. Pisceans, men and women, have a trait that is somewhat unique to their sign: Powerful empathy and intuition bordering on psychic. So, a Pisces man, who is on his game will likely sense your intentions, maybe even your motivations, in a short casual conversation. And, that conversation will not last long if you are in anyway insincere or misleading. You may fool a Pisces man once, but a second time is highly unlikely. More likely, if he senses any duplicity, will not give you the time of day. If a Pisces man has tagged you as ‘questionable’ (and still chats with you) it’s because he has a plan of his own. If you do manage to attract a Pisces man’s interest you will discover someone who can bring depth, meaning, warmth (and humor) into your life like few others.
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Attracting a Pisces man requires that you understand one thing: Water. Pisces, the fish, loves water and everything about water and usually nature, too. He is attracted to blues and greens, especially blues and greens that shine or sparkle. Flowing patterns attract a Pisces man’s mind, especially organic patterns. Wearing clothes and jewelry that are water-like and placing yourself where there are natural patterns will catch his eye. One secret trick I use is this: If I know the guy I want to attract is a Pisces, and there is a fish tank anywhere nearby, I go sit next to the fish tank and study the fish. He will be by shortly. And, he will already be slightly interested in me because I am showing interest in one of this favorite things: Water.

Now, another secret to attracting and seducing a Pisces man is using the water elements (colors, patterns, reflection and so forth) to keep his mind studying the patterns and focusing a little less on me. A trait of Pisces is tremendous focus, and for some, that can prove a bit unnerving. If you are a woman who loves to have a man’s full attention when he looks at you, a Pisces man is your kind of man. Which is why a Pisces lover can be so unusually erotic. When he focuses on pleasure, his and yours, things can get very intense … in a very good way. So, grab his eye with water-like elements, go with flow of the moment, then be sincere about your interests and feelings.

You might think with that powerful Pisces intuition and ability to ‘read people’ that you should worry about your own flaws and imperfections being revealed. And, that a Pisces man might reject you as a consequence. Ah, not true! Pisces, the twin fish, was set in the heavens by the Aphrodite, goddess of love, for rescuing her and her son from the creature Typhoon. There is a hero within Pisces ready to help those in need. Most Pisces men are just plain white knights beneath their complex exterior. Usually, Pisces men will not reject you for your flaws (if you are honest about them) but will embrace the challenges you face and want to help. The only flaws that most Pisces men will not tolerate are intentional meanness or cruelty.

One more note about that ‘white knight’ lurking within Pisces men. It can be a blind spot for them. Keep an eye on your Pisces guy that some other women isn’t baiting him in with tales of sorrow. However, if a Pisces guy feels a woman (or a man) is playing ‘the victim’ to much or too often, he is likely to be turned off and lose interest in helping because he feels he is being manipulated. People who are in difficulty, but making a supreme effort to improve, earn Pisceans highest respect and support.

If you want to surprise a Pisces man with a date, here are some ideas. Of course, anything involving water works, like a hike on the beach or a picnic near a lake. A boat ride always seems to work unless you are dealing with a Piscean male who prefers looking at boats than riding in them. Pisces men also tend to be artistic. Find out which of the arts he tends towards. If music, take him to a concert. If poetry, visit a local coffee house where there is a poetry reading event. Museums and arts shows often make a nice surprise afternoon activity. When dating a Pisces man, and taking him to social events, be cautious. Although Pisces men can enjoy the company of other, it is the ‘type’ of crowd that matters. Generally, Pisces guys are not social butterflies. They are as comfortable alone as in a crowd.

To attract, seduce and keep a Pisces man there are several important things you must be ready to do. Pisces men can become moody and over think things. You need to be ready to deal with those moods. His moodiness must not be interpreted as a rejection of you. Pisces guys are just prone to mood shifts. So, help him work through his mood by giving him space and being supportive. One of those moods might often looks like self-pity. To a Pisceans, the world just isn’t as perfect as they want it to be. Don’t look down on him because of this, but instead, guide him back to the sunny side of life. Pisces men tend to be dreamers, artists, thinkers and, if necessary, crafty warriors. Being ready to be involved in his dreams and artist pursuits. Use that vivid Pisces imagination to your advantage in bed. A little role playing and indulging in his fantasies WILL keep his attention.

As mentioned, a Pisces man cannot forget nor forgive intentional meanness and/or cruelty. Once you have intentionally hurt a Pisces guy, it is likely things will never be the same. He may accept that you are who you are, but the door to his heart will be locked to you forever. That can often extend to meanness or cruelty you express towards others, especially meanness expressed towards the helpless or harmless. It is ironic since a Pisces guy can seem mean or cruel due to his mood shifts, what he says or fails to say. Remember that he is not intentionally trying to be mean … he is more likely being clueless, which happens with these guys.

If you attract, seduce and most of all, manage to have a Pisces guy has fallen in love with you, then you are in for magical relationship. As with all relationships, it will get difficult at times. But, Pisces men can keep you wrapped in wonderful dreams and reveal magick at every turn. They will keep you surprised and guessing and provide you with years of loving companionship. The bedroom will rarely be boring. As long as you know their strengths and weaknesses’s, and are ready to deal with those flaws, well then, you are one lucky woman.

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Hope this article helps you attract and seduce that Pisces man and is of some practical help on how to keep him.