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Online Courses And Classes In Reincarnation, Past Lives And Karma

Welcome to our exploring reincarnation through education page. Here you will find courses, readings and education in the philosophies and ideas regarding reincarnation; past live regression techniques, eastern and western ideas about reincarnation; consulting about past lives and more.

With the resources listed below in reincarnation and past lives, you should be able to get a good grasp of this extraordinary phenomena. If you have meet someone you could swear you knew before, or felt enormous attraction to someone you just meet (or enormous repulsion), then maybe a past life could explain the inexplicable.

Past Life Course Practical Guide To Past-Life Memories:
Twelve Proven Methods

This practical guidebook has everything you need to explore your souls past. You will learn 12 methods to start discovering past lives ... and begin exploring how those past lives can be affecting this life (maybe you have irrational fears; are drawn to particular events or places; interested in knowing if your soulmate could be found in this life?).

The author, Richard Webster, is hypnotherapist and lecturer on many psychic topics, and the writing is clear and easy to follow. If you have ever wondered about past lives and wanted to do it on your own, this book is for you. It has been recommend by those teaching past life classes and the methods taught are simple and safe.reincarnation

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Past Life Course Journeys into Past Lives - CD Set

If you do not believe in such a thing as reincarnation or past lives, this powerful 2-CD past lives program is likely to change your mind. If you do believe in past lives, then, you may have just discovered one of the most powerful tools for discovering a past life (or lives). There is no work, effort or even belief necessary. All you have to do is listen. This CD program created by Denise Linn will help lead to you to former lives shared with loved ones; help you discover and develop talents hidden in your psyche; and help release emotional blockages in this life that may have a source in the distant past.

Best selling author and lecturer Denise Linn began her metaphysical journey and understanding of past lives after a near death experience ... an experience that sent her on a spiritual journey that would cover distant continents and involve ancient cultures. She would reach out to her own Cherokee ancestors; learn from the Aborigines in the Australian bush; seek training with a Hawaiian shaman and Reiki Master; become adopted into a New Zealand Maori tribe; and live two years in a Zen Monastery.

Denise Linn's books been translated into over 20 languages. Her books include Past Lives, Present Miracles and Soul Coaching ... she has even created special set of tarot cards called Soul Coaching Oracle Cards.

If you are ready to start discovering past lives, check out:   Journeys into Past Lives - CD Set

Past Life Course Hidden Power of Your Past Lives

Do you have patterns in your life that have proven difficult to change? In this book and CD the New York Times bestselling author Sandra Anne Taylor puts forward the idea that the energy of karma and reincarnation may play a role in 'encoding' certain patterns on our 'eternal consciousness'. This, in turn, influences how our life today unfolds.

Do you find yourself keep returning to money problems? Is your love life a cycle of failed relationships? Tayor suggests that many negative patterns can be corrected by examining possible past life problems. She even suggests that many physical and emotional problems, weight problems, confidence issues, and more, could originate from unknown past events. Past life events don't have to remain a mystery nor continue to influence your current circumstances. Learn how to break difficult cycles and release personal power.

Past Life Hypnosis Guided Past Life Regression Self-Hypnosis

Imagine being able to recall your past lives and find out who you were, to take a journey into who you were in another life. With this powerful, guided self-hypnosis CD by Steve Jones, a noted hypnotherapist who has produced numerous self-help CDs and audio recordings for the public, you can begin exploring the possibilities of reincarnation at home. This past life regression audio self-hypnosis recording is also available in an mp3 download.

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Reincarnation Psychic Reincarnation Readings By Brodi

Call Reincarnation Psychic Brodi For A Personal Reading Have you ever wondered about reincarnation? Interested in chatting with someone who can help you explore the possibilities of past lives and how those lives may impact the present? Give Brodi a call and get a live, personal past life reading. A gifted psychic with an intimate understanding of reincarnation, Brodi can take a look at how your past lives and see if emotional blockages or attachments could be influencing your current relationships, career and more.

You can reach Brodi at:
Brodi's Ext. 7563
(Toll Free In The United States and Canada)
Learn More About Brodi

Reading Psychic Carmaleena - Past Life Readings

Past Life Readings With Psychic Danielle Psychic Carmaleena holds a Doctorate’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and know how important a role past lives can play in a person's love life, relationships and career choices. Do you think your dreams are whispering secrets from a past life? Is there someone you are strongly attracted to but cannot understand why? Call Carmaleena and find out if your soulmate is near.

You can reach Carmaleena at:
Carmaleena's Ext. 8689
(Toll Free In The United States and Canada)
More About Carmaleena

Past Life Course Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression

This review from the New Age Retailer about sums it up:

"Life Between Lives is Newton's excellent textbook for hypnotherapists interested in spiritual regression therapy. Newton coaches regressions on hypnosis sessions; dealing with client preconceptions and with unresponsive clients; desensitization methodologies; talking to guides; and therapeutic opportunities in soul-life explorations. Newton's explanations are outstanding.

For aspiring spiritual regressionists, the detailed step-by-step format of this lucid book will be tremendously helpful."

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