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"Learn more about Wicca, Paganism and Magick with these books, downloads and courses. Blessed be!"

If you are looking for a greater understanding of Wicca, witchcraft, paganism and earth-based religions, Witch Art you are in the right place.

Wicca, as a religion, is now recognized by the U.S. military and is a growing religion in both the U.S. and Europe... it is consider part of the whole "new age" movement. Magick and spellcraft are one of the fastest growing areas of interest on the Internet

The educational materials in Wicca, witchcraft and magick listed below should give you a good beginning towards learning about these new forms of spirituality. We have tried to craft this directory page to hold information that would be of interest for everyone. And remember: Do what you wish but harm none... Enjoy!

Wicca Class Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice

Wicca For BeginnersThis author felt there were way too many "Wicca 101" books out there. This does more to confuse people who are new to Wicca. Often, those new to Wicca would find themselves trying to understand this new religion called Wicca by putting together portions on one book with ideas from another. This does not give the full picture (and deeper intellectual and spiritual meaning) of Wicca. So, the author wrote Wicca for Beginners to provide a solid foundation to understand Wicca without limiting the reader to one particular sect, tradition or path. What makes this book great is that it introduces the reader to BOTH the practical and spiritual, BOTH the intellectual philosophy and the mystical, of Wicca. This is a great primer course in such practices as grounding, raising energy, visualization, and introspection (a core practice before launching into more complicated rituals and spell casting).

psychic witch Wicca Psychic Aspasia

Tarot reader and clairvoyant Aspasia has been studying the mystical realms for over 30 years. She has been involved with Wicca almost as long and is no stranger to magick. When you need help with, or answers about, a lover, a relationship, a career choice, you will find Aspasia more than helpful ... you could say she's magickal.
About Psychic Aspasia

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 Aspasia's Ext. 17079
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Ask About The Occult

Horoscope Reading Psychic Denise Runestone Reading

For A Live Rune Stone Reading - Call Me Denise specializes in the art of interpreting Rune Stones and providing professional runestone readings. Denise's clients and caller appreciate her ability to be direct, communicating exactly what she reads in the runestones while combining what she "hears" from her guiding spirits. Questions about love, career,family? Call Denise.
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Magick Class Practical Magic for Beginners

Anyone can improve their everyday life with magick. Practical Magic for Beginners is a straightforward introduction to magick and spells for Christians, Pagans, Jews, atheists, and people of all religious traditions. This comprehensive training course presents the foundations of spellcraft and ritual magick by teaching you easy to do exercises. Learn to explore your personal energy and senses ... then expand your hidden abilities, developing skills in ESP, divination, and meditation. Magical timing, magical processes, ritual space and tools, and dreamwork are explained and discussed in depth. This nondenominational course on magick also includes 20 rituals and spells for friendship, love, prosperity, health, and more.

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Spells Course Life Can Be Magick

This book (or course, really) is about taking spellcasting mainstream and helping 'ordinary' people learn how to harness the natural forces of nature and the universe. Life Can Be Magick package introduces you to the essence of witchcraft. You will not only learn how to use spells, but how to create your own. Discover that it isn't just 'luck' to find fortune and good health, it is about attracting the things, people and situations you want.

Life Can Be Magick also comes with several interesting bonus ebooks covering using herbs for magick and examining the mystery and power of 'witch balls'. Curious?
Go learn more.

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All Magic Spells, another large collection of magical spells for anyone.

Numerology Psychic Madeline's Numerology

For A Detail Love Readings Give Me A Call Madeline is a respected numerology teacher who provides professional readings to help people achieve greater happiness in love, relationships, career, finance and any other situation where people need special insight. She is also a gifted psychic with years of experience. Facing difficult choices? Wondering if that man or woman you just met is right for you? Give Madeline a call ...
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Shaman Psychic Psychic Corinne

Give Me A Call For A Shaman Psychic Reading And Spiritual Guidance Shaman psychic Corinne is a unique psychic who has chosen to embrace the more "native and natural" techniques and divination tools to enhance and advance her clairvoyance. Corinne is adept at tarot, astrology and spirit guide readings. Being in tune with the energies of nature and the universe, Corinne feels all the answers are available.

Contact Wind Walker at:
Corinne's Personal Ext. 7078
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Meet Shaman Psychic Corinne

Witchcraft Class Witchcraft: Rebirth Of The Old Religion

Learn About Witchcraft And Wicca Here is the most complete resource to the study and practice of modern, non-denominational Wicca and Witchcraft. This is a beautifully illustrated, self-study course in witchcraft is for the individual or group study. Included are rituals; exercises for developing psychic talents; information on all major "sects" of the Craft; sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing, ritual clothing and much more. Despite horrible abuse and repression, Witchcraft has managed to survive for centuries and become incorporated within the new religion of Wicca.Wicca

Also, check out this Witchcraft DVD by the author showing rituals and providing an overview with further instructions - Witchcraft DVD: Rebirth of the Old Religion

Witch Class The Witchcraft Sourcebook

Learn About Witchcraft And Wicca One of the TOP books in the field of Wicca and Witchcraft. A well documented, detail work by one of the leading scholars of the field. More than 100,000 people - mainly women - have been prosecuted for the crime of witchcraft between 1450 and 1750 AD in Europe and colonial America. During the early modern period, the prominent stereotype of the witch as an evil magician and servant of Satan emerged. This book provides collections of trial records, laws, treatises, sermons, speeches, woodcuts, paintings and literary texts illustrates how various "authorities" through time have perceived alleged witches and their activities.

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Magick Supplies - Spellcasting Materials The Wicca Magick Page

If you are looking for the highest quality products, art and supplies for Wicca or Magick, then go visit the Wicca Magick Page ... sorta' like you local, neighborhood magick store/directory (if you are lucky enough to have Wiccan Store in your neighborhood) with friendly folks and only the best in ritual and magick oils, wands, herbs, spells, dream pillows, lotions and more. Great, helpful articles, too.

Visit Wicca Magick

Witch Bumperstickers
Bumper Stickers

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Books & Courses On Wicca, Magick, Angels & Tarot

The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic

Easy Magick Spells One of the most comprehensive reference for all of the major branches of magick. Written by the internationally famous occult scholar and practitioner, this is possibly one of the best introduction to magick, viewed from an international perspective, that has ever been published. Learn about magick from cultures world wide. Learn spells, ceremonies and rituals for love, money and more.
About This Book

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Natural Witchery

Candle Magic for Beginners

Anyone who has made a wish before blowing out birthday candles has practiced candle magic. Learn how to perform candle magick, spells, & divinations to gain luck, love, prosperity, protection, healing, and happiness. Also included are tips for which kinds of candles to use, candle maintenance and preparation, best times for magic, and how to make your own candles.
About This Book

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The Magick Course
If you are interested in Magick, and how to use it to improve your life, but really have no interest in joining any particular religion or adhere to any particular groups form of spirituality, then you will likely enjoy this detailed course on Magick. You will learn a good deal about spells, and how to apply them for your purposes. Having said that, the course does contain a good deal of information about the occult and the beliefs surrounding witchcraft, Wicca and so forth. Gain control of your life and destiny ...
More About Magick Power

Sensual Wicca Tarot

Unlike most religious paths, Wicca sees all aspects of life, including sexuality, as divine. These Wicca Cards have excellent artistry with a hint of eroticism blends with Pagan themes in this unique tarot deck. Heed the wisdom of the Great Goddess and the Horned God. Encounter the mysteries of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. And let the sacred Sabbats help you toward new insights and spiritual growth. Includes the Sensual Wicca Tarot Cards and instructions.
About This Wicca Kit

For A Detail Love Readings Give Me A Call psychic witch Psychic Priestess

Psychic Priestess has been a practicing Wicca Witch and clairvoyant for over 20 years.. She excells at helping those with leanings towards earth based spirituality find answers about life, purpose, love, relationships and even career. With a solid foundation in Wicca, Psychic Priestess loves answering questions about Wicca, natural spirituality, magick and whatever else is on your mind. Need insights from a Wiccan perspecitive? Or, maybe a new way of looking at spirituality? Perhaps you want answer from a skilled clairvoyant about people, the past or the future. Then, contact Psychic Priestess, today.

Consultations By Email, Chat & Phone - Learn more

Horoscope Reading Love Tarot Psychic Karenna

Psychic to help you with any love questions When things get confusing with love and relationships you need to give Karenna a call. With her exceptional tarot skill Karenna can help answer those vexing questions like "is my lover being faithful" ... "does this relationship have a future" ... "is this passionate relationship just lust or can it become love". Warm, compassionate and with years of experience, when you have questions, Karenna has answers.
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