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Learn How To Read Tarot Cards

Courses And Instruction In Tarot Card Reading ,,,
Beginner To Advanced

Learn About Tarot Cards Want to learn how to read tarot cards? Are you interested in perhaps becoming a professional, tarot card reader? Or are you just curious about the history and mystery or tarot card reading?

Whatever you interest, you will find the below tarot courses, instruction and kits in tarot card reading that are both fascinating and rewarding. You can learn from professional tarot card readers about tarot decks, spreads, how to choose decks, the meaning of the cards and much more. You can even contact a profession tarot reader for a personal reading. Enjoy.

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Tarot Software Tarot Training Course With Software

Very good tarot software which also offers an opportunity to learn about tarot. Software offers the option of utilizing several tarot decks; help with different types of spreads; help with interpreting tarot cards. This software is designed for everyone: From beginners to advanced readers. However, for real beginners, a suggestion would be to invest in a good 'beginners tarot' book to use in conjunction with the software.

This Easy Tarot Software comes with the option to ADD 1,000s of other tarot decks (so it is likely you can add your favorite deck at a later time). You can choose to view classic interpretations, or, have the cards dealt and displayed without comment. Really, there are a number of really useful and interesting features. Go check it out for yourself.

Tarot Class Tarot Kit for Beginners

This beginners Tarot course is designed for those who wish to embark on the exhilarating journey of Tarot reading. It is packed with wisdom and knowledge and includes a guidebook explaining the basics, such as choosing decks, deciphering card meanings, and working with spreads. This beginners kit will teach the history of Tarot, the traditional structure of the deck, and the truth behind common Tarot myths. Also included is Lo Scarabeos Universal Tarot, an ideal deck for beginners.

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The 65 beautifully illustrated cards in this deck are designed to help bridge your psychic abilities and the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot. Includes helpful booklet on reading Psychic Tarot Deck from John Holland.

Online Psychic Tarot Deck Lessons Join internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Holland for a 2 hour streaming video tarot course covering what you need to know to successfully use the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. Learn how to: Get started with tarot and oracle cards ... Understand the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana card structure ... Do psychic tarot readings for yourself and your friends ... Phrase your questions in ways that ensure clear readings ... Most effectively use the many different card spreads ... Discover your personal psychic strength and tap into it ... Use color, chakras, shapes, symbols, and numerology in your readings ... John also leads you through a meditation to help you tap into your innate psychic abilities. Very helpful and entertaining. Watch online, or download and absorb these very helpful tarot lessons over time.

Beginners Tarot Card Reading Made Easy - For Beginners

Excellent, fast, easy way to learn Tarot card reading. Especially designed course to quickly learn how to use tarot cards, understand spreads and layouts and even how to give tarot readings to others. Includes help selecting a tarot deck, brief history of tarot and even how to create your own tarot cards. Easy to download and guaranteed. Get started right now learning how to read tarot cards and using spreads.

Reader Phone Tarot Reading With Stella

Phone Readings Combining her gift of natural clairvoyance with Tarot, Stella can help you better understand your life and guide you to a more positive, fulfilling path. She is also very good at helping you understand your dreams.

You can reach Stella at:
Stella's Ext. 7343
(Toll Free For US and Canada)
Learn More About Stella

More Tarot Specialists

Professional Tarot Reader Tarot Readings By Psychic Therese

Give A Call For A Personal Tarot Reading Therese is that rare psychic and tarot reader who is a blend of the both the mystical and academic. master's degree in psychology and is a 3rd generation psychic with a decade of professional experience. Whatever your questions, tarot psychic Therese can answer.

Call Toll Free:
Therese's Ext. 7215
(USA And Canada)
Learn More About Psychic Therese

Tarot Readers List

Beginners Easy Tarot:  Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All

With 30 years of professional tarot reading, this author has created an excellent, how-to tarot course that guides the reader to understanding tarot.

This is really a great beginners manual for tarot ant tarot card reading that even includes how specific card combination indicate specific events. You will learn: Card meanings, sample readings, safeguards, ethical guidelines, tips for keeping a tarot diary and a good introduction to the grand tradition of Tarot.

This learning tarot kit also contains Gilded Tarot Card Deck.

Beginners Professional Tarot

This explores what it means to be a professional Tarot reader. Chances are, once you own a Tarot deck, you will end up reading for somebody. This book is about answering the questions about transitioning from doing readings for yourself to doing readings for others. Some of the more interesting topics are using Tarot to answering your own questions about providing readings for others, and/or, exploring Tarot as a business opportunity.

Fortune Stellar If tarot is your passion, this book is for you! Christiana Gaudet, the author, is a Certified Tarot Grandmaster and works full time as tarot professional. She has worldwide clientele with Tarot readings; provides Tarot instruction; and offers webcasts and webinars.

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Angel Card Course How to Give an Angel Card Reading Kit

Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology. She is an author as well as co-creator of 'Angel Oracle Cards' ... not to mention a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. Now, Doreen’s Angel Card course is captured in a classroom setting on a DVD allowing you to learn about using the oracle cards at your own pace and in the privacy of your home. Doreen provides easy, step-by-step directions for using angel cards and this course includes a helpful guidebook giving additional information about the meaning of each card. Naturally, a deck of Archangel Oracle Cards is included. Interested in angels? Visit Angel Course for more.

Psychic Tarot Get Angel Card Reading Course

Beginners Tarot Instruction Revolutionary New Approach to Learning Tarot

Do you want a quick, easy way to read tarot cards (and really understand tarot card meanings). The Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course is a great way to begin learning tarot. The course includes a complete multimedia training program and is designed to help you learn about tarot, FAST, including the individual cards and tarot card spreads. Worth checking out.

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