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Learn About Reiki ...
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Discover the power of "hand energy", Chi, and the power of personal and bodily energy in healing, health and harmony

Reiki is an alternative health philosophy and healing technique where one uses hand positions to send "Universal Life Force Energy" to areas of the body in need of attention. Reiki is simple and easy to use.

Reiki is also used to remove "emotional energy blockages" which are reported to help keep a person emotionally clear and balanced. If you are interested in classes and courses in Reiki, check out the selection below. For beginners, may we recommend:

Easy Reiki Simple Reiki Course

Home Course Reiki Master Home Study Course

This course, Reiki Master Home Study Course from Adele and Garry Malone (who have been Reiki Masters since 1997) has been selling well on the Internet for a long while. It opens up a whole new world to alternative and complimentary medicine. If you have ever wondered about the mysterious benefits of Reiki healing, this is a fascinating course. It is a step by step home Reiki course which also includes the distant Reiki attunements and certification. If you’re serious about learning Reiki, you should take a look.

Home Course The Reiki Touch: Complete Home Learning System

Reiki, the energetic healing art from Japan has exploded in popularity. Reiki master William Lee Rand has created a first comprehensive, interactive Reiki course for those seriously interested in energy healing to use at home or in professional practice. This one-of-a-kind course includes: Detailed training on DVD (featuring step-by-step instruction on Reiki energy techniques); 20 reference cards for the key hand positions used in Reiki healing; guided meditations on CD for spiritual protection (quickening your healing process, and spiritual techniques for problem solving); music CD especially designed to accompany Reiki practice; a 100-page workbook complete with illustrations and diagram and how to use Reiki to see auras (and explore past lives); and much more education

Reiki Advice Live Reiki Advice From Paige

Reiki Advice Paige is a Reiki master, energy worker and clairvoyant. This rare combination of skills allows Paige to provide impressive readings, both energy and clairvoyant reading. Clients and callers love Paige's honesty, straight forward answers and compassionate style.

You can reach Paige at:
Paige's Ext.  7868
More About Psychic Paige

Talk About Reiki Talk About Reiki With Arella

Talk Reiki If you are interested in getting answers or information about Reiki ... or input about Reiki practice, Arella is available for professional advice. Arella is a certified Reiki Master. She is also certified and legally licensed psychic medium.

You can reach Arella at:
Arella's Ext.  7852
Learn More About Arella

Beginners Reiki for Beginners

Beginners Reiki - Learn Basic Reiki Techniques Well written and easy to follow, this beginners reiki book gives you the basic, practical principles for using Reiki as an energy healing technique You will also be introduced to the deeply spiritual aspects of Reiki and personal techniques for personal growth and development. Beyond learning to use Reiki to assist in physical health, you will also discover how to unravel your personal inner conflicts ... heal your wounds ... and gain a chance for greater inner peace. This book also does a great job of introducing you to the history of Reiki, from founder Dr. Mikao Usui's, to the current explosion of the global Reiki community. Also included are many new ideas, techniques, advice, insights, and meditative thoughts that you can use in your practice of Reiki.

Home Course Reiki Distance Learning Course

Learn How To Become A Reiki Practictioner With Reiki Distance Learning Course you will get a great course on learning Reiki including audio CDs, course manual, details and charts on reiki symbols, email support and more. With course(s) completion you can receive Reiki certification for levels one, two and master. Course also includes working with animals, Reiki techniques for better health, how to send "positive energy" to another location and attunement. Go learn more about this home course.

Radical Reiki Reiki Training - Beginner To Master

Learn From A Reiki Master Judith Conroy. founder of Chikara-Reiki-DoIf has constructed a home Reiki course that is very impressive. She and her husband have been involved with spiritual growth, healing, psychic awareness and energy work for over forty years ... and Reiki Masters for the last ten. The course will take you from the history and basics of Reiki to powerful attunement exercises you can perform (both Tibetan and Usui). The course allows you to obtain certification, and should you choose to teach Reiki, certification for students. Worth your time to go learn more.

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