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Interesting Online Courses And Education On Traditional And Alternative Spirituality

Hello And Welcome to our Spiritual Studies Online Page
Regardless of religion or philosophy, defining "spirituality" is difficult. Here are some traditional and alternative spiritual courses and ideas to help broaden your outlook. Start discovering refreshing new ways to look at life and spirituality.

From Christian values to New Age ideas to the Mystical realms, the online possibilities listed below can help you explore spirituality and religion. Enjoy

Spirituality and Religion Articles Free Spirituality and Religion Articles

Christianity History of the World's Religions

One of the best books on religious history. Very well researched and powerfully written. One of the best reference books available about religion and historical research into religions.

Rather than the author just giving facts and opinions, this book presents over forty years of dialogue and correspondence with religious experts and practitioners from around the world, which gives this particular historical look at religion fairness and accuracy. It is perhaps the most comprehensive history of world religions available in a single volume and covers many topics neglected in other books.
More About History of World Religions

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Spirituality The Biology of Miracles

This is a three-lesson online course with Dr. Wayne Dyer, noted lecturer and author on spirituality and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a a pioneer in the new biology. For centuries there has been a battle between science and spirituality. This battle seems to force people to choose between materialism (that only what we perceive through our five senses) and spirituality (the idea that there is more in this universe than just the material - that there are metaphysical, spiritual laws and forces). This course shows the gap between science and spirituality is not as broad nor absolute as some believe.

The three parts to this course are: The Miracle of Being; The Science of Spirituality; and The Biology of Miracles. Through this course you will discover that the ancient masters and modern developments in science are beginning to blend together - and that you can greatly benefit spiritually and intellectually by understanding this merging of two great schools of thought.
More About Biology of Miracles

Spritiual Advice Spiritual Advice From Rene

Call me now for spiritual advice on ANY issue. I am ready to help Difficult issues confronting you? Struggling with questions about spirituality? Life seems to sometimes bring heartbreak ... but also great joy and beauty. The great contrast can throw us off balance, perhaps confuse us. For spiritual advice and psychic insights come learn more about psychic spiritual adviser Rene. Well versed in the spirituality of numerous religions & mystical arts.

You can reach Rene at:
Rene's Personal Ext. 7831
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
Learn More About Psychic Rene

Guidance Spiritual Life Coach Psychic Arthur

Call Me For Personal Spiritual Guidance Anytime Arthur specializes in helping his clients with insights and spiritual guidance in all areas of life: Love and relationships; career decisions; financial; and personal issues of all kinds. An experienced life coach and professional psychic who has counseled celebrities and politicians, Arthur is making time to help more clients and callers with important questions about love, life, career and one's spiritual path in life.

You can reach Arthur at:
Arthur's Personal Ext. 8237
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
More About Psychic Arthur

Angel Course Understanding Tibetan Buddhism

Learn more about Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama with this specifically selected collection of books. Each book offers a unique examination of and explanation of Tibetan Buddhism. You will learn about the history of the history of Buddhist philosophy. And, you will learn about the more esoteric aspects of Buddhism. Naturally, any exploration of Tibetan of Buddhism has to include writing of the Dalai Lama. So, this collection of material includes books with conversation with the Dalai Lama. This collection is a great way to understand the core beliefs of this ancient practice (and how you can apply these principles to the challenges you face today).

About This Collection of Books

Angel Course Connect With Your Angels!

This book is a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the ways that angels help us & how to call upon them; information on guardian angels, archangels, and departed loved ones; and frequently asked questions.

Author Doreen Virtue is known world wide for her connection with the realm of the angels. She has devoted herself to teaching everyone how to clearly hear the messages from our angels. Discover how to tune inward and open yourself up to your angels. Learn how and why angels are always trying to communicate with you. Understand and appreciate who your own guardian angels are.

About This Book

Angel Reading Live Angel Readings By Dona

Call Me For A Personal Angel Reading Today Have you ever wonder how many angels you have? Would you like to know the names of the angels that guide and surround you? Let psychic Dona help you. Dona has been providing clients psychic angel readings for years. Want to know what messages and guidance angels have for you? Call Dona.

You can reach Dona at:
Dona's Personal Ext. 8105
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
More About Psychic Dona

Angel Psychic Kali Angel Reading By Psychic Kali

Call Me For A Live Angel Reading Want to know more about your guardian angel? Maybe you want to know more about the angels who help us all through our daily lives? Kali is an angel intuitive and psychic medium. She is also a talented with angel card readings. Ready for messages and solutions from your guardian angels?

You can reach Kali at:
Kali's Personal Ext. 7635
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
More About Psychic Kali

Spiritual Counseling International Bible Society And Christian Studies

The International Bible Society is far more than just the number one location to by Christian Bibles on the Internet (and buy those Bibles with custom covers, or in bulk at a discount, or in numerous languages). The International Bible Society is also an excellent resource in Christian studies and custom Christian courses.

Very contemporary, up-to-date and with a well designed, easy to navigate web site, IBS Direct has so many features and educational opportunities it is difficult to understand why anyone interested in Christianity would not visit and shop there.
More About IBS

Spirituality The Interfaith Dialogue Sourcebook

Obviously, what the world needs to today is interfaith dialogue and understanding. What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue is a comprehensive ebook covering every aspect of dialogue between the many different religious groups. It is based on 30 years of research and practice. This sourcebook was selected by as a guide and is considered on of the best courses on interfaith dialogue. What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue covers a range of practical, spiritual and philosophical topics along with anecdotal information. Learn about: What 'loaded' words to avoid; defusing interfaith conflict; distinguishing a religion from a cult; dealing with explosive political issues; overcoming differences between theology and belief; getting religious literalists and liberals to cooperate.
More About The Interfaith Dialogue Sourcebook

Call For Personal Kabbalah Readings Kabbalah Psychic Joseph

Call me now for spiritual advice on ANY issue. I am ready to help Natural psychic and Kabbalahist Joseph provides spiritual consultations and psychic Kabbalah readings by phone. If you are ready for a truly mystical and enlightening experience, you should call Joseph. Have questions about Kabbalah? Just call and ask.

You can reach Joseph at:
Joseph's Personal Ext. 7535
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
Learn More About Joseph

Guidance Christian Psychic Sofia

Call Me For Personal Psychic Christian Reading Anytime Sofia is a Christian who just happens to be a psychic. An ordained minister in the Spiritualist Church, Sofia is also a trained medium. If you have questions about faith, love, life or career choices, give Sofia a call. Naturally, Sofia doesn't care what faith you believe in, she is just glad to help.

You can reach Sofia at:
Sofia's Personal Ext. 7965
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)
Visit The Psychic Christian

New Age Metaphysics Our Ultimate Reality

Our Ultimate Reality is a 632 page book resulting from 40 years of seeking by Adrian Cooper. His life experiences include discovering The Law of Attraction to attract considerable wealth; a near death experience; and many profound "Higher" or "Inner" experiences.

Our Ultimate Reality covers & provides instruction in numerous fascinating topics: Astral projection; meditation, attracting wealth; power visualization; improving concentration; creating reality; Reiki healing; how to keep a dream journal; understanding your destiny. Presently, you can download the first seven chapters, FREE ... so you can get a feel for this interesting, new age, spiritual path.
The full ebook you can download with a money back guarantee.
Learn More About The Ultimate Reality

Spiritual Secret 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

Find Your Higher Self - Metaphysical Spirituality Course Learn the 7 golden secrets to discovering your higher self. Gain complete abundance and empowerment; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tap into the Divine Spirit as you were meant to do.

This is a very unique exploration of spirituality. If you want to discover a higher, spiritual self and gain insights into the metaphysical truths of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and ALL the Spiritual Masters, then you just might enjoy (and be surprised by) this spiritual, metaphysical course.
Learn More

Spiritual Secret Metaphysical Arts Online Course

If you ever wanted a crash course in the philosophies of the New Age movement, this is online course for you. Many of the core ideas within the New Age movement at touched upon: Chakras, the universal life force, psychic development, the laws of attraction, soul development and karma, astrology, and even diet and nutrition. This course includes a number of best selling authors in the field of self-development, modern metaphysics and personal spirituality - a 'must see to appreciate' list of lecturers and authors .
More About Metaphysical Arts Online Course

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