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Psychic Medium And Tarot Reader Kya

The Psychics Directory in association with Psychic Source is please to introduce you to psychic Kya, spirit medium and Tarot reader. When you want the truth, or messages from beyond, Kya is ready to deliver.

Kya’s Personal Ext: 8004
(Toll Free For US and Canada

At six Kya could see departed souls walking among the living. At age four she experience astral projection. Her fate and purpose in life was set, perhaps back then, that Kya would be a gifted psychic medium and an expert at the arts of divination, especially tarot.

You can rely on Psychic Kya to give honest answers. Whatever Kya sees in the tarot cards, whatever messages she receives from departed spirits, Kya will tell you. Maybe it is what you want to hear, perhaps not ... or Kya may completely surprise you. Years of experience has taught Kya it is best to give people the truth so both clients and herself can work toward a better future. It is why Kya's clients and callers believe in her and keep returning for psychic readings again and again. Little known about Kya offers wonderful pet readings and is a gifted animal communicator.

Kya is unique as a Tarot reader as she has in depth experience with multiple types of tarot decks and cards. Kya will combine different tarot decks to help her produce the most accurate tarot reading she can. Combined with her spirit medium talents, psychic Kya can often produce astounding love, money and/or family readings. She is a true tarot psychic.

Ready for messages from beyond or a tarot reading that will surely impress you? Then, give psychic Kya a call. Gentle, compassionate and always quick with a smile, Kya is ready to tell you what you need to know. If Kya is unavailable, live support is always available to help.

Kya is one of the guest psychic monitors at the Free Psychic Chat Room. Drop by and join the psychic chatroom, free. Live psychics are often available to chat about all things psychic, mystical, spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical ... whatever is on your mind. If Kya is around, she would love to chat with you.

Kya’s Personal Ext: 8004

(Toll Free For USA and Canada)

There is NO CHARGE to call and get questions answered about services, appointments, privacy and other related issues ... it will ALWAYS be up to you when, where and if there will be a cost involved for a personal psychic or clairvoyant reading. This is all about you being happy with your readings. Tarot Psychic Kya would love to hear from you.

Special offer: First Time Readings Are Only 10 dollars for 10 minutes!
Readings come with a satisfaction guarantee! You appreciate your last reading, or it is free

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