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"If you are looking for spiritual help and guidance ... Or, struggling with understanding the after life ... If you want to chat about spirituality or get help making important choices in life ... Call and talk to Psychic Arthur, clairvoyant life coach and oracle card interpreter ... "

Arthur’s Personal Ext: 8237
Toll Free For The USA and Canada

(If Arthur Is Busy, A Live Assistant Can Help You)

Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Psychic Source spiritual counselor and psychic Arthur, a clairvoyant life coach, oracle card interpreter and astrologer.

Arthur specializes in helping his clients callers with insights and spiritual guidance in all areas of life: Love and relationships; career decisions; financial; and personal issues of all kinds. Are you looking for someone you can chat with about general life questions? Or, maybe you want to talk with someone about your spiritual path and personal growth. Maybe you have questions about the afterlife, or spirituality beyond this world. Psychic Arthur is ready to chat with you.

Some have said that Arthur is Hollywood's 'best kept secret'. He has provided guidance and career advice to celebrities, politicians. In fact, Arthur has created a world wide following with his psychic life coaching and uncanny ability to provide detailed readings. In the last 12 years Arthur sometimes feels he has seen it all. Whatever questions you have, whether spiritual issues, guidance in personal choices or the need for a better understanding of a lover, you can be comfortable talking to Arthur.

Arthur is now taking more calls from the general public about any issue they might wish to explore from one's personal mission in life to dating to understanding the afterlife. A reading with Arthur will leave you renewed and with a sense of friendship. You, too, can now have your own psychic spiritual advisor.If you call and Arthur is busy, live support is always available to help.

Arthur’s Personal Ext: 8237
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)

There is NO CHARGE to call and get questions answered about services, appointments, privacy and other related issues ... it will always be up to you when, where and if there will be a cost involved for a personal reading. Spiritual help is just a telephone call away.

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