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The Psychics Directory welcomes you to Spirit Guide Chat, brought to you in association with Psychic Source. Chat, live with spirit guide specialist and mediums. Chat free until you are ready for a personal reading.

The term "spirit guides" general refers to an incorporeal beings who guide and protect those who live on the earthly plane.

The concept of spirit guides can be found in many religions and spiritual beliefs from ancient Egypt to Native Americans to China to India to modern Spiritualist Churches.

Some people mysteriously seem to be gifted mediums (so called because they act as a "medium" between the spirit world and our earthly realm). Mediums seem to be able to pass along messages and advice which many find helpful, sometimes life changing.

Psychic mediums will either connect with their personal spirit guides to get messages or connect directly with your personal spirit guides.

Being "connected" with the spirit world it is not uncommon for psychic mediums to chat casually with and about those who have crossed over into the spiritual world.

It seems very common that spirit guides are eager to give advice and guidance with love, relationships, career, anything that will make your life more meaningful and happy.

If you need help with love, relationships, money matters these professional psychics who work with spirit guides are ready to advise you.

Often people are amazed at what help they can discover with even a quick spirit guide chat with a talented medium.

Simply click on the photo of any of the listed psychics to view more information about them.

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