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Books on Reincarnation & Exploring Past Lives

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One of the most under studied areas in western thinking is reincarnation ... the possibility we return to this world again and again.

Below are a few books to help you explore the concept of reincarnation. These recommended books are for skeptics and believers, alike ... and the open minded can decide for themselves. Enjoy.

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Reincarnation Research Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
This is the second edition, revised and enlarged. This book has been around since the 1980's because it was the first, and well document, scientific exploration of the possibility that such a thing as "reincarnation" was even possible. It is, by far, the best book for skeptics to read. Once read, it is difficult to explain the reincarnation research in terms of anything else than people MAY live more than once ... or somehow, information is being passed from one person to another outside known means of communication.
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Past Life Memories
Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories
Because one past-life regression method does not always work for everyone, Richard Webster presents twelve different techniques for investigating your past lives, including: dreaming of your past lives, scrying, hypnotic regressions you can do alone or with a partner, and exploring the Akashic records.
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Past Life Study
Beyond Reincarnation: Experience Your Past Lives And Lives Between - Exploring past lives and communicating with the departed guides according to the author is not only possible, it is beneficial for our present life and spiritual growth. Knowledge past lives can offer direction and insight into fears and compulsions, building self worth, and promote acceptance of others.
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An American Case Of Reincarnation
Someone Else's Yesterday: The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee, a Past Life Revealed
The captivating story of an American case of reincarnation. Jeffrey J. Keene tells his own story of exploration and research into the possibility he was, and died, a confederate general during the civil war. Excellent and highly recommended for skeptics, those curious about reincarnation and believers.
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