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"Get your questions about the spiritual exploration of Universal Laws. Find and chat with experts and specialist in the concepts of spiritual Universal Laws ... get answers and guidance ... all live, online."

The Psychics Directory in association with Psychic Source welcomes you to our Universal Laws Chat page ... the place to get live answers, advice and help understanding and applying spiritual, universal laws.

The recent explosion of interest in spiritual Universal Laws seems to have been sparked by books and courses by New Age writers and thinkers such as Ester and Hicks as well as the commercial success of the book The Secret. Loosely, the Universal Laws is an offshoot of the New Age movement.

Of course, the pursuit to understand the spiritual laws of the universe is not new. This pursuit is as old as humanity. It no doubt began when the first human being thought, "Why?". Each generation begins anew this quest to understand spiritual, universal laws - the New Age movement is just the most recent example.

Welcome to a place where you can find and chat with experts and specialists in this fascinating new spiritual exploration called Universal Laws. Here you can find guidance, advice, mentors ... or just get your questions answered by professionals.

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