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Chakra Balance For Health And Wellbeing

Learn about understanding your chakras and balancing your internal energy to gain mental clarity and create improved health and wellbeing ...

Charkas Learn More About Chakras And Energy Balancing

Learn how to clear your chakras and become a truly balanced and fully functioning human being. This "chakra balancing kit" from foremost experts Learn About Chakras And Energy Balancing on the therapeutic use of the chakra system will help you to open up and balance each chakras so more abilities and clarity comes your way enabling you to create health and well being within your whole system.

Balancing Chakras, an ancient health practice, can be easy and fun. Learn what chakras are; where the seven main chakras are located; chakra energy flow (and gain a comprehensive understanding of this ancient energy system); how to unblock chakras; cleansing chakras and your aura; discover how to work out why particular chakras are flowing the way they are within you.

This complete home-study course includes a 102-page illustrated workbook (providing essential information on the chakras, organized into seven lessons - one for each of the chakras); two audio CDs with seven guided audio meditations to work with each of the chakra centers, addressing their imbalances: and seven beautifully illustrated chakra cards with a visual image of each chakra, including a description of their key principles and correspondences.

CHAKRAS Learn More About Understanding Chakras

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