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Communion With God Interactive Course

"Discover this exceptional Communion with God online course - complete with interactive features including materials, live chat and support. A spiritual journey online with help and guidance ... "

Spiritual Help And Guidance Course Learn More This Online Spiritual Course

You are only moments away from an extraordinary journey!

Spirituality Course Neale Donald Walsch has created an exceptional, online spiritual help and guidance course. He wants you to know that there is perfection in you arriving here right now to experience the Communion with God online course.

Years ago, Neale Donald Walsch had my own incredible experience, one which changed his life and, in turn, has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world as a result of a series of best selling books he wrote.

Today you will have the chance to go deeply into one of his best selling books - spirituality Communion with God. Neale Donald Walsch believes that this is one of the most important books he ever wrote. It is jammed-packed with life changing gems. Gems given to us by God that are meant for all of us as a gift. To fully appreciate this, this is needs to be broken down and explored to really get the full effect of its messages.

Communion With God program is a complete, online, interactive course. Here are some details of the spiritual help, guidance and instructions:
Explore Your Spirituality Online And Get Chat - Support - written materials - course instructions and more
* The program has taken each of the Ten Illusions of Humans and you explore it in four ways, through four different and distinct sections:

* The Lesson - an explanation of "the Illusion" in a simple, concise text lesson

* The Meditation - Key wording is taken about this illusion and formed an auditory and visual flash meditation to allow you to gently integrate it at all levels: body, mind and spirit

* The Exercise/Journal - Key questions are extracted for you to answer in a personal and interactive way. This material will be stored in a personal, private, online journal file, which you may access whenever you wish.

* Bridging The Gap - This is where you will stop and take time to prepare yourself for the next lesson and capture your inspiration, feelings, and creative thoughts in your very own Communion with God Book.

* This online course is created very graphically, and is rich multi-media experiences of important messages, all for you to sit back and enjoy right there on your computer screen.

* This spiritual exploration, help and guidance course has put into place a support staff to help you through the content of this course.
You will be able to email our staff with questions that may arise about what you are learning, log onto a chat room to talk with other participants and our staff, and post messages with others on a private Message Board set up for this course only.

The features in this online, spiritual help and guidance program are numerous:

* Enjoy background music while you go through the course ...

* Capture your thoughts and feelings in your own online journal and workbook ...

* Write your own Communion with God book, chapter by chapter (30 chapters are provided) ...

* Login each day and experience a guided, eyes-closed mediation by Nancy Fleming Walsch. This is an exceptional feature that will really please you ...

* Watch rich flash-movies of messages within this book, and then share them with your friends and family ...

* Take your time going through each lesson. When you log in you may take this course over and over, reviewing your thoughts each time in your personal journal and watching yourself grow spiritually right before your eyes ...

Spirituality Class Get This Online Interactive Spiritual Help Course, Today

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