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Explore Your Higher Spiritual Self

Sylvia Browne has been exploring spirituality and the higher self for a life time. Take a look at this collection of works to help you find your higher self and explore the spiritual possibilities. ...

Explore Your Spirituality and Discover Your Higher Spiritual Self

Spirituality Course Sylvia Browne's Collection Of Spiritual Works

Does God exist? Was the world created or did it evolve? Where am I in the big picture of the universe? Most people have asked these questions, but have no clear answers. Sylvia Browne has been activelly pursuing the answers and has written extensively about what she has found.

Sylvia Browne shares her 40 years of study on these issues of spirituality, the higher self, the soul, Creation and God. Now, Hay House has put together a collection of Sylvia's finest works to help you with your own exploration of spirituality and the spirit world.

This collection contains both written materials, audio recordings and guided meditations. You will also find many of Sylvia's finest works translated to Spanish. Wether you are a devoted fan of Sylvia or new to her spiritual works, you will find something special within this collection of works from Hay House.

Spirituality Course See The Complete Collection Exploring Spirituality

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