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"Vedic" astrology is another way of saying :"Ancient or Original Astrology". The Vedic records are some of the oldest known astrological writings ... the oldest records of astrology coming from China.

Vedic astrology is the original astrology from India. Scholars debate the time frame (some think it started in 6,000 BC where others say we only have reliable records from 3,700 BC), but there seems to be a consistent practice of astrology within India for more than 3 millennium.

Vedic astrology is strongly influenced by Hinduism ... the oldest and most common religion of India. Traditional Hindu astrology is called Jyotisha.

Vedic astrology is a more general term for astrological practices from India whose roots go back to those original Vedic records. Although the Zodiac and astrological signs are the same in Vedic and western astrology, these signs are not viewed the same way.

One of the most fascinating differences in Vedic astrology is how Vedic astrology looks at how the stars and movement of the heavens can effect one's "chakras" or life force centers within the body ... and how those life force centers were influenced by the position of the heavens when one is born. It is rather a holistic look at one's self as part of the universe.

This is where the practice of Yoga seems to overlap astrology ... which, given both are of Indian origin, makes sense. It is a very unique within the world of astrological practice.

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