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"Welcome To Our Free ESP Test Online - Find Out If You Have Extra Sensory Perception"

Do you think that you may be psychic or have precognition abilities? Then try our free ESP test. This online ESP test takes only a few minutes, is fun, and can be very revealing.

RULES: You will be allowed 10 tries (or guesses) at predicting what color will appear next in the "Correct Color" box (right). You will have 3 minutes to complete 10 predictions. Your ESP rating will then be displayed.

Ready to test your ESP abilities? Concentrate on what color will appear in the "Correct Color" box. Then, click on that color on color wheel. The 'correct' color will appear in the Color Box. Right or wrong, keep your focus and try again. You will be limited to 10 color selections and your points totaled. An explanation below will tell you what your total points mean.

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ESP POWERS ... Are you kidding? Check Your ESP
Being confident of your choices is part of ESP Green almost never comes up. Why choose it? Are you positive that black is the right color? ESP Test Are you sure you are psychic? Check ESP Ability With Extra Sensitory Perception You Would Know Eveyone picks red ... only a psychic knows if it is true

Points for Guess:
Total Points:
Round (Guesses):

 10 Guesses Only

Finished? What are your Total Points?
Check Your ESP Rating

Point Scoring For ESP Test:

4 points for a correct choice
3 points for 1 pie away
2 points for 2 pies away
1 point for 3 pies away
0 pts for 4 pies away

Total Points 10 to 20
Either your psychic abilities are weak today, or, you just are not trying. Perhaps you were just clicking away at colors randomly? If you were, that is exactly how you scored ... no better than random. Maybe you could random click again and check your luck rating. If you were trying hard, sorry, but you need better focus, today.

Total Points 21 to 30
You have some psychic abilities working for you, but, it is scattered. Maybe you should work on this potential and fully develop your precognition abilities. You can then go beyond the simple manifestations you may be currently experiencing like: Thinking of someone just before they call ... or sensing danger just before danger appears ... or getting impressions of people (good or bad) only to find out later how right you are ... and you only had a few moments to get such an impression. By working to develop your psychic sense, you will get even deeper impressions and more accurate readings.

Total Points 31 to 40
Oh, my, you are tapped into extra-sensory perceptions, aren't you. It's likely that you sometimes have difficulty explaining to folks how you often know what you know. Perhaps you even have dreams that seem to predict the future or "advise" you of coming events. If you can score this high an ESP rating twice in a row, then you have excellent focus and control, too. If you get this score more than once, and do not believe in psychic abilities, then, go buy a lottery ticket of something, because you are scoring way above random chance and "luck" is truly with you, today.

NOTE: Most people have some psychic ability, but are not aware of it. Years of research have revealed some outstanding results. The purpose of this easy to do, free extra sensory perception test is to determine (at the simplest level) if you have E.S.P. and the basic level of development your precognition. This is done by seeing how high you score above random chance in picking a color to appear. Curious about learning extrasensory perception, ESP research and more? Go visit: Books on ESP.

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