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"Although well known for his love, relationships and career tarot readings, Psychic Anthony is also an excellent dream interpreter. If your dreams are confusing you, talk to this 'Dream Psychic' ... "

Anthony’s Personal Ext: 8064
(Toll Free For The USA and Canada)

If Anthony is busy, live assistants are available to help

The Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Psychic Anthony, a talented medium, tarot reader and dream interpreter.

Anthony has spend most of his adult life working to understand the magic of Tarot and the realities of the spirit world. Though open and very attuned to the spirituality within life, you will find Anthony very much an 'every day guy', this, no doubt, due to the variety of jobs he as worked at, the traveling he's done, and his gift to easily connect with others. He is well read, having studied every thing from metaphysics to psychology. Anthony's blend of the mystical with the practical seems to give him an instinctual understanding of dreams.

Clients and callers find Anthony work with divinational tools, such as tarot or numerology, make him an invaluable asset. And, Anthony's ability to blend the logical with the mystical makes his readings not just informative, but often deeply penetrating. He also has an uncanny knack to get right down to the truth of an issue.

In times of stress and confusion often person's dreams become more vivid. Psychic Anthony finds these types of vivid dreams can often offer answers and guidance during difficult times. It is the dream symbolism, much like that of the symbolism within Tarot, where one can begin to unravel the mystery of a dream. The key, though, is grasping what dreams are a form of communication. Often a dreamer may be generating creative answers to their own situation.

Whether you need answers about a romantic partner, help with your career or a family issue or have a dream that is perplexing you, Anthony is ready to provide help. Direct, honest, compassionate and deeply committed to his clients, Anthony is someone you can talk to about anything. If Anthony is busy or unavailable, a live support person is always available to help.

There is NO CHARGE to call and get questions answered about services, appointments, privacy and other related issues ... it will always be up to you when, where and if there will be a cost involved for a personal reading. Discover what a psychic dream reading can reveal, Anthony would love to talk to you, soon.

Anthony’s Personal Ext: 8064

(Toll Free USA and Canada)

Special offer: First Time Readings Are Only 10 dollars for 10 minutes!
Reading comes with a satisfaction guarantee! You appreciate your last reading, or it is free

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