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Hello And Welcome!   Meet Psychic & Tarot Reader Alia Moon ...

"With over 25 years experience with tarot, channeling and working with the arts of divination, Alia can help you find those important truths you've been seeking ... "

For A Truely Inspiriing Reading Call Me Today1-800-888-5523
Alia Moon’s Personal Ext: 17638

(Toll Free For The USA and Canada)

Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Alia Moon, a talented tarot reader and psychic channeler. Whatever your questions, Alia is ready to provide straight forward answers.

With Alia Moon you are getting a psychic who's skills span the generation. Alia is a now the fourth generation of psychic talent her family has produced. She learned early that divination, spirits and spirituality may be largely unseen and unrecognized by most people, however, these unseen forces play a major role in the direction our life path may take. Discovering the smallest truth can change everything in one's life. With over 25 years experience with tarot, channeling and working with the arts of divination, Alia can help you find those important truths you've been seeking.

When Alia was young she discovered that gazing upon the Tarot cards would provide details, visions, as if the cards themselves would speak to her and answer any question she asked. With the encouragement from family, Alia began to quick master the meaning and interpretation of cards and how to best utilize the various 'spreads' to assist clients in finding the answers (and spiritual forces behind the situation). Not that tarot is psychic Alia Moon's only skill. Coming from a long line of psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers, Alia learned how to channel spirits and work with spirit guides and was introduced to both traditional and esoteric methods of interpreting dreams.

What brings clients and callers back again and again for readings is Alia compassionate, gentle approach to readings. Alia always looks to the positive energies at work and how to build upon what is good and what is best. Not that Alia 'sugar coats' her readings. She learned early that it is important to give a client honest answers to all that is revealed ... call it 'psychic ethics'. However, from a spiritual perspective, all things happen to help each person become a better, happier human being. So it is all about discovering how what is revealed can best be used to the clients advantage.

Is your lover being faithful? Is there a family issue that could use some illumination? Could a better job be found? Perhaps someone you care about has passed into the afterlife? Maybe you would just like to discuss tarot or talk over the events of the day with an insightful person. Whatever your reasons, you will find psychic Alia Moon ready to help. If Alia Moon is busy, our phone line is staffed with caring individuals ready to help and answer your questions.

Alia Moon's Personal Ext: 17638
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)

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If you have questions or concerns about getting a personal readings?, please, give us a call at our 800 number above. There is NO CHARGE to contact us and ask questions about services, appointments, privacy and related issues. We would love to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Call us anytime. We are here to help.

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