Wicca for Beginners: What You Need to Know

When you’re young, you’re taught to believe that magic is real. You use your imagination to create things in your mind and then use those thoughts to shape your view of the world around your. At some point, you stop believing magic is real and move on to more important things in life. But what if magic was real? What if, with a… [Read More]

Basic Wiccan Beliefs and Concepts to Tap Into Wiccan Spiritual Philosophy

Many people still assume that Wiccans worship Satan and cast evil spells, but this is very far from the truth. Wicca is a religion that teaches people to worship deities through loving nature, understand the balance of magick, and harm no one. Witchcraft, another name for magick, is a practice adopted from ancient Paganism. Other… [Read More]

A Brief History of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is more than a flash in the cauldron. Witchcraft traces its origins back to before recorded history. Its traditions have developed over thousands of years and experienced a revival in the modern day. Even so, witches remain a misunderstood component of society. So let’s take a look at how it all began. Here’s a… [Read More]

What is Your Wiccan Element?

If you’re new to Wicca, you’re about to discover just what you’ve been looking for. Along the way, however, you may have a few questions. If you’re wondering what your Wiccan element is, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about your Wiccan element and yourself. An Introduction to Wiccan… [Read More]

Wiccan Magic 101: Witchcraft for Beginners

Human beings have been practicing witchcraft for millennia. Many ancient groups revered shamans as bridges to the divine, and individuals practiced their own forms of magick. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans used amulets, tablets, and dolls to achieve desired effects. Some of these were for good, and some not. Today, members of the Wiccan… [Read More]

Ancient Magic Spells from Egypt: A Brief History

Ever considered casting a spell to improve your love life, boost your bank account, or cure a case of the flu? If you’re like the majority of people today, probably not. The mere mention of magic in modern-day society is likely to raise a few eyebrows. But, it hasn’t always been this way. In the… [Read More]

Do Love Spells Actually Work?

Love spells instill hope in anyone who’s ever been frustrated by love. The idea you can control when this strongest of emotions comes into your life is an appealing one. But is it realistic? In the following article, we’ll be examining this question in greater depth. We’ll also address many of the truths and misconceptions… [Read More]

5 Wiccan Love Spells: To Love Yourself & Others

Maybe you’re pining after someone you wish would return your love, or maybe you are suffering from extreme heart break. Perhaps you’ve wished you had some witchcraft capabilities to mend a heart or make someone fall in love with you. There is good news: the world of Wiccan love spells is here and available to… [Read More]