Are You A Queen Or An Empress? The Easy Way To Understand the Tarot Court Cards

Tarot cards have been around for centuries. The oldest known set dates back to Northern Italy in the 15th century. It’s said that the Duke of Milan’s family had them created in 1440 to play a game similar to modern-day bridge, called tarocchi. History says that wasn’t until the middle of the 18th century that people started using… [Read More]

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?

Almost 60% of people in the US believe that they believe in psychic phenomena or have experienced something otherworldly they can’t explain. You’re probably one of them. Perhaps you’ve tried to explore this intuitive side of spirituality. You might have looked into psychics, crystals, or learned more about being Wiccan. No doubt you’ve seen one… [Read More]

A Brief History of Tarot Cards

What if the flipping of cards could tell you if true love was just right around the corner? Would you dare to turn them over? If you’ve been searching for answers with no luck, then maybe it’s time you try something new. You won’t find these answers under an ace of spades, but instead, within… [Read More]

What to Expect During a Love Tarot Reading

If you have ever had your tarot cards read, you know it can be fun, informative and eerily accurate. Whether you sought them out yourself or partook in a reading at a social function, like a bridal shower or birthday party, you likely earned something. if you are thinking about getting your cards read, you… [Read More]

7 Benefits of Chatting With a Card Reader Online

  Our lives are fluid, constantly changing and going through new experiences. At times, it can be difficult to navigate through these changes and experiences. There are, however, quite a few things which can be done to help us on our journeys. One of the most effective ways of navigating life’s changes and experiences is… [Read More]

Understanding the Basics of Tarot Card Reading

So you want to channel your inner psychic. The thought of doing so excites you so much that you’ve already started looking at tarot card decks. As happy as we are for you, you might want to hold your horses. Tarot card reading isn’t as simple as buying a deck, arranging some cards, and prophesizing… [Read More]

What to Expect From Your Tarot Interpretation

Tarot readings are one of the most popular forms of divination, with thousands of unique decks and spreads available for those seeking answers. But tarot interpretation can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect. How accurate are the readings? Should you be worried about what cards are drawn? How literal or… [Read More]

Marie Anne Lenormand: The Later Years

When Paris fell to the Sixth Coalition (a group of countries allied again Napoleon and France) on March 31st, 1814, Napoleon was forced into exile. One would think that Marie Anne Lenormand would be in a difficult situation, she being a friend to Josephine, Empress of France, and acquainted with Napoleon (including members of Napoleon’s… [Read More]