The Man Who Read FDR’s Palm – and Hitler’s, Too

The Man Who Read FDR’s Palm – and Hitler’s, Too Not long ago, Rebecca Onion, who writes The Vault, Slate’s history blog, stumbled upon a fascinating chapter in palm reading history.   In 1938, she discovered, a palm reader named Josef Ranald wrote a book that, among other things, included the handprints of Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf… [Read More]

Keep Giving Thanks

Keep Giving Thanks In homes across the United States, people will be roasting turkeys and mashing potatoes on Thursday, November 23. This is, of course, the day we celebrate Thanksgiving.  For some, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Parade. For others, football is a family tradition.   According to Lilly Willis, “Another way to… [Read More]

The Celestial Year in Review

The Celestial Year in Review It’s been a great year for sky-gazers. In March, Mercury, Mars and the moon formed what National Geographic referred to as “an impressive celestial triangle.” As Andrew Fazekas, noted in writing about the Top 7 Must-See Sky Events for 2017 for Nat Geo, “the formation will help viewers see Mercury at its… [Read More]

The F.B.I. Investigation into ESP

The F.B.I. Investigation into ESP On June 14, 1960, The “New York Journal American” ran a column written by Ruth Montgomery headlined “Spying by Mind-Reading!” In the piece, Montgomery said that the Army Intelligence Service was conducting research experiments in mental telepathy. According to a U.S. government memorandum on the subject, “She speculated that the… [Read More]

What Is ESP?

What Is ESP? According to Merriam-Webster, extrasensory perception is defined as: “perception (as in telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition) that involves awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience — called also ESP.” The first known use of the word, they report, was in 1934. Word Central,… [Read More]

What to Expect When Getting Psychic Readings Done

Most people have never had psychic readings. So when someone goes in for their first psychic reading, there’s a lot of anticipation; they don’t know what to expect. Psychics help to alleviate any anxieties of the unknown. Yet, we still get nervous when discussing topics such as our future. It’s normal to feel nervous during… [Read More]

6 Things to Know Before Joining an Online Psychic

  Sometimes you need to break out of your norms when you need answers in life. A lot of ground has been made in the field of mental health in recent years, to the point that going to therapy is no longer taboo. I believe that the next progression in society will revolve around the… [Read More]

6 Reasons to Join a Live Psychic Chat

  What if there was a way you could talk to your lost friends and family members – right in this moment? What if you could see the future right from your computer or phone screen? What if you could talk to someone who could help you experience your best life – all in a… [Read More]