The History of Reiki: Timeless Energy Healing

Reiki is something that a lot of people have heard about but may not fully understand. And despite its humble beginnings, it has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, it’s estimated that over 1.2 million Americans have participated in the practice. Curious how Reiki went from local Japanese energy healing treatment to the major… [Read More]

9 Signs of True Psychics

Every day, thousands of people turn to psychics to get help with their problems. But it can be so easy to fall into the trap of a fake psychic, which can mean that you’ll waste time and money on a fraud. So how can you tell a legit psychic from the fakers? There are several… [Read More]

Don’t Be Duped: Common Psychic Tricks to Look For

You’re at a carnival and the giant “PSYCHIC” sign catches your eye. You decide to stop and get yourself a reading. Visiting a psychic like this can be a fun and enlightening experience, but you have to be careful. You need to make sure that the psychic is giving you an accurate reading and isn’t… [Read More]

The New Age Meaning: What Is the New Age of Thinking and How to Incorporate These Beliefs

When you hear the term ‘new age,’ what comes to mind? Your associations are probably vague. Maybe you think of ambient spa music. Maybe you imagine granola. The truth is, the new age meaning has evolved over the years in order to include a diverse set of ideas and practices. People have flocked to the… [Read More]

7 Questions to Ask a Psychic During Your Next Intuitive Reading

One of humanity’s biggest fears is the fear of the unknown. You might be feeling confused in your love life, career, or family matters. Perhaps you’re unsure how to find your soulmate, how to move up in your job, or how to settle a dispute between your children. Life can be tricky with its ups… [Read More]

Can Psychics Be Real? The Real Truth Explained

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to make a blind decision on something important? It would be nice to have all your answers, hidden desires, and life paths laid out for you. But we always make ourselves feel better by saying no one can tell the future. Yet is that the case? Can psychics… [Read More]

Knowing the Truth: How to Unlock Your Psychic Powers

When you think of psychic powers, you probably think of the most famous psychics, like Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,” who went into a sleeping trance and spoke on reincarnation, Atlantis, healing, and wars and answered so many questions for so many people, including President Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Edison. Or you think of the Delphi… [Read More]

Interpreting Clairvoyance: What Does a Psychic Vision Look Like?

Psychic experiences come in different forms, including visions, sounds, smells, knowing, and dreams, to name a few. Someone like Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping psychic,” would go to sleep and start talking to answer a question. Someone had to record it because he was asleep. Someone like Sylvia Brown had a woman spirit guide help her. The guide was… [Read More]