Interpreting Clairvoyance: What Does a Psychic Vision Look Like?

Psychic experiences come in different forms, including visions, sounds, smells, knowing, and dreams, to name a few. Someone like Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping psychic,” would go to sleep and start talking to answer a question. Someone had to record it because he was asleep. Someone like Sylvia Brown had a woman spirit guide help her. The guide was… [Read More]

Which is the Best Psychic Reading For You?

The mainstream world remains somewhat resistant to the idea of psychics and metaphysical occurrences, although, more and more people are waking up and broadening their minds. Most people, however, do believe in a higher power of some kind. While the vast majority believe in God as depicted in the bible, roughly 1 in 3 people… [Read More]

The Best Time to Visit Your Local Psychic

According to published author and psychic Lisa Barretta, a psychic reading is only as good as you make it. If you go into your reading with confidence and an open mind, you’ll have a better experience. The psychic will be able to work and gather information from the energy he or she receives from you. If… [Read More]

Recognizing Psychic Children: 10 Signs You’re Raising a Child Psychic

From mediums and mystics to the rumored supernatural abilities of the Indigo Children, the psychic phenomenon is an integral part of human nature and culture. Its mysteries have intrigued hobbyists and lifelong researchers alike. While many things remain unclear, it’s impossible to deny that there are things going on beyond our comprehension. Among the myriad… [Read More]

What to Expect When You Go for a Past Life Reading with a Psychic

Have you been noticing mental and emotional blocks that keep coming up in your life? Maybe you’ve been having trouble in relationships or work. You might be feeling unhappy and stuck in your life. The explanation to what’s holding you back could be found in the story of your previous life. The past could be… [Read More]

7 Habits to Sharpen Your Psychic Intuition

It seems that our society treats psychics and psychic abilities as a joke or as some sort of fantasy. However, the majority of Americans do believe in some sort of psychic phenomenon, including intuition. What exactly is psychic intuition? Psychic intuition is your natural ability to predict certain things. For example, have you ever heard… [Read More]

7 Ways to Manifest Your Psychic Predictions

Have you ever had your psychic predictions not come true? That tall, dark, and handsome soulmate not show up? That promotion come way later than your psychic said it would? What’s really happening is that you’re interpreting your predictions as inevitable fact. Your psychic wants to help you find everything you need in life, but… [Read More]

15 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Development

Being psychic doesn’t come naturally. It’s a skill that takes years of practice and dedication to build. The more you invest in your psychic development, the better of a psychic you become. But, you need to find the right outlets and activities to encourage such a talent! Be patient with yourself as you try different… [Read More]