Tips for Coping with Your Paranormal Experience

Have you recently had a paranormal experience? You’re probably filled with questions. Before we get into the explanations, know that this is more common than you think. For example, one survey found that 60% of Americans believe they have seen a ghost at least once in their lifetime. That’s not to mention the countless others who have… [Read More]

Signs Of Paranormal Activity in 2020: What To Watch For

Humankind has long been aware of the presence of the paranormal. The spiritualist foremothers and forefathers of 21st-century psychics embarked on the journey of trying to get into contact with the paranormal back in the 19th century. The science behind paranormal communication has never been perfected, as skeptics are prone to point out. Yet, there… [Read More]

Are Ouija Boards Legitimate or Just Games?

Unlike spiritualism as a whole, Ouija boards have a traceable and comparatively recent history. They seem to have appeared on the American market in the late 18th century when spiritualism was sweeping the nation. They were given the name “Ouija” when one medium, Helen Peters, asked the board what to call it. Today, the Ouija… [Read More]

6 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

After a loved one passes, our emotional states are vulnerable. You may find yourself feeling guilty, lost, and overall depressed. People grieve in different ways, but the stages of grieving are similar for everyone. Because you’re feeling emotionally unstable at the moment, you may begin to question what’s real and what’s your imagination. If you’ve… [Read More]

Things That Go Bump in the Night: How to Talk to Your Kids About Ghosts and the Spirit World

Kids aren’t the only ones that get scared by ghosts. In fact, the only difference between the things that frighten kids and the things that scare adults is the response. Kids responses to fear are heightened, whereas adults can keep it together a little more. Humans are wired to fear what we can’t see. And,… [Read More]

How a Real Medium Can Change Your Life

Do you find yourself longing for a deceased loved one? Everyone dies, that’s about all we know. When someone you love passes to the other side, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the emotion of knowing that you’ll never see them on earth again. The healing process is a long and arduous journey that… [Read More]

Haunted House?: Signs There is Paranormal Activity in Your Home

Worried about strange things happening in your home? Do you feel like someone or something watches you in the dark, as you sleep? Don’t feel silly. Studies show at least 45% of people believe in ghosts. Even folks who don’t often believe in other paranormal oddities or creatures that could haunt your home. First off,… [Read More]

The Psychic Horse: Lady Wonder

There are two distinct types of people. Those who feel there can be some sort of ‘psychic’ connection between pets and owners – and – those who think there cannot be any sort of ‘telepathic’ connection between pets and owners because there is no such thing as telepathy or psychic abilities. There are those who… [Read More]