Indigenous Identity: Your Guide to Understanding Two Spirit People

Two spirit people have been noticed in at least 155 different tribes across North America. But where does the term “two spirit” come from and what does it mean? Even if you think you have heard all the different LGBTQ definitions, you may not have heard of two spirit people. That’s because this group is small and specific,… [Read More]

Hearts on Fire: 10 Crystals to Attract Love

The market for crystals started growing in the 70s and 80s and has taken off since then. More and more people are starting to realize the benefits of these crystals and how real the energy is that comes from them. If you are trying to find a new relationship but all the dating apps aren’t… [Read More]

10 Things You Should Know When Going to a Reiki Healing Session

Are you considering energy healing for your next spiritual boost? Reiki is an ancient healing modality designed to bring emotional and physical well-being to patients. Its central principle involves the movement of energy at the hands of a Reiki healer. There are many benefits to reiki, particularly when it comes to physical manifestations of emotional… [Read More]

Muscle Tension Treatment: A Brief Overview of Metaphysical Healing

Do you have chronic muscle pain that doctors can’t pinpoint? Maybe it manifests in your shoulders or neck, it’s usually at a joint. Your problem may not be wholly medical – it could be emotional. Emotional trauma and tension mess with our energy flow and get stuck at different points. Before fancy things like cortisol… [Read More]

Handling Conflict in a Romantic Relationship

No matter how much you love your partner, there are moments when you are going to be at odds with each other. No matter how trivial your disagreement or conflict might seem, you need to be able to communicate clearly with your partner. You need to be able to handle conflicts in way that do… [Read More]

Is it Chemistry? Or Compatibility?

This new person you met. You’re feeling a definite, powerful attraction, yet you know little about them. You seem to share the same likes and dislikes, and even your disagreements are exciting. So, is it chemistry? Or compatibility? If it is both, great, but which matters more? If you feel neither chemistry nor compatibility with… [Read More]

What are the Akashic Records?

The concept of the Akashic Records is an ancient idea that has seen a surge in popularity recently, especially among those interested in Eastern religions, New Age ideas, and those interested in alternative spirituality. Most scholars believe the idea that there is a spiritual, celestial record of all events was originally a Hindu concept. The… [Read More]

Augury: Lost Form of Divination

Augury is one of those misunderstood words, possibly because true augury has been largely lost in the shadows of ancient history. If a person knows or has heard the word at all, they generally believe it is another word for divination. That is close. Augury is an ancient word, and over time has come to… [Read More]