What’s Your Tree Sign? Everything You Need to Know About Celtic Druid Astrology

Celtic Druid Astrology and Your Tree Sign Sometimes, even if you like the zodiac, you just feel like your star sign doesn’t align with you. But there’s more than one form of astrology out there. Celtic astrology, for example, was created by the Druids sometime around 1000 BC. The Celts believed that we are all… [Read More]

Astrology Signs Can Help Direct Your Career Path: Here’s What You Need to Know

How Astrology Signs Can Help Direct Your Career Path Are you struggling to choose the best career or wondering if you made the right decision? Learn how astrology signs can help direct your career path. Finding your path in life does not come easily. It is a constant effort of balancing your desires and responsibilities… [Read More]

How to Update Your Reading List With Your Zodiac Book

Are you feisty, spontaneous and adventurous? You’re sure to be an Aries! Mysterious, strong-willed and magnetic? You sneaky Scorpio, you! Our star signs and birth influences, absolutely do affect our personalities, traits and life paths, in some way or the other. Whether you believe in good old-fashioned star magic, or demand scientific explanations for every… [Read More]

Clinton Vs. Trump: Astrology In The 2016 Presidential Election

Astrology and politics are not new to each other, perhaps most famous when First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for guidance to assist and protect her husband the late President Ronald Reagan. As we enter the final days of the 2016 political season, astrology can offer a unique understanding of our current candidates… [Read More]

An Introduction to Horary Astrology

Modern astrology focuses primarily on the human personality through study of an individual’s natal chart, or birth chart. But as fascinating as modern natal astrology may be, it has limited uses. A modern astrologer who tries to read your character through your birth chart may be able to give you an endless list of flattering… [Read More]

Dating and Seducing an Aries Woman

Has an Aries woman caught your eye? You understand the physical attraction, but there is something about her mind and attitude that also attracts you. Question is: Are you ready to grab hold of a live wire? This girl can and will shock you. Even the most quiet and reserved Aries woman has a mind… [Read More]

Understanding the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is an interesting form of astrology; most people know of the 12 animals that make up the birth signs for each year, but there are many other facets to the Chinese astrological charts such as the heavenly stems which are made up of the Five Elements and Yin and Yang. There are… [Read More]

How To Attract and Keep a Taurus Man

Is there a bull of a man trying to sweep you off your feet? Or, is there a Taurus man you would like to attract and seduce? Are you ready for all that earthy passion? Those Taurus men. Talk about trying to take the bull by the horns. Well, if you WANT to attract and… [Read More]