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Are Psychics Real? How to Determine If Yours Is Real

When you’re looking for answers about your career, your love life, or just want to see if you can get re-centered, you’ve likely considered seeing a psychic. Unfortunately, there are many fakes in the industry, and we know you’re asking yourself, “Are psychics real?” Short answer: some are, some aren’t. Here, we’ll help you make… [Read More]

How Psychic Healing is Helping Psychiatrists with Psychosis

Is hearing voices actually something bad  — a sign of mental illness? Or might it be an internal source of support, a kindred form of psychic healing coming to us from beyond? At Yale University, a new collaboration between psychics and psychiatrists is teaming together to answer this question. Psychics help psychiatrists make sense of internal… [Read More]

6 Things You Need to Know About Psychic Children

Do you have psychic children? Anything’s possible. And if you understand how to identify the signs of psychic abilities, you can help your child make the most of his or her special abilities. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you do just that. Here are six things you need to know about psychic children…. [Read More]

How Psychic Help Can Help You Find True Love

Are you tired of falling into relationships thinking you’ve finally found the one? If yes, you’re not alone. Finding true love is a challenge facing many men and women today. The good news is true love does exist, and you can find it and live happily ever after with your prince charming. But the big question is, how… [Read More]

Clinton Vs. Trump: Astrology In The 2016 Presidential Election

Astrology and politics are not new to each other, perhaps most famous when First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for guidance to assist and protect her husband the late President Ronald Reagan. As we enter the final days of the 2016 political season, astrology can offer a unique understanding of our current candidates… [Read More]

Handling Conflict in a Romantic Relationship

No matter how much you love your partner, there are moments when you are going to be at odds with each other. No matter how trivial your disagreement or conflict might seem, you need to be able to communicate clearly with your partner. You need to be able to handle conflicts in way that do… [Read More]

Mystery and History of Kabbalah

Judaism is often seen as a religion more concerned with the practicalities of everyday life than with esoteric teachings or mystical flights. Most Jewish teachings do, indeed, focus on doing your best to follow God’s will while here on earth (rather than devoting time and energy to unraveling the mysteries of the divine). Judaism does,… [Read More]

Was Reincarnation Intentionally Removed from the Bible?

The Internet is loaded with conspiracy theories. It seems that conspiracy theories are a major form of entertainment on the Web. However, a great many of these conspiracy theories run thin on facts and long on fantasy, so it is best to do a good deal of fact checking (and reading both sides of an… [Read More]