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Saint Valentine: Serious About Love

Valentine's Day has for centuries been about romantic love. Few though, know the full story behind Valentine's Day, named after Saint Valentine's day. Fact is, we may never know the full story behind Saint Valentine, especially since there are actually 3 Saint Valentines listed in the The Catholic Encyclopedia (and all are associated with February 14th). The Valentine's Day we celebrate today is actually a mixture of facts, mythology and legend. … [Read more...]

What’s Ahead in the Chinese Year of the Horse?

On February 4, 2014, the Year of the Snake winds its way into history, and makes way for the Year of the Horse. Chinese New Year is the start of spring and so it is very apt and quite auspicious that this particular horse is of the element of wood, and its color is green. The Year of the Horse will bring the energy of wood that has been ignited by fire, and the cool, compassionate nature of green to where it is needed in the world. There will be … [Read more...]

Common Misconceptions About Christianity

Though Christianity is the most popular religion in the world, there are many misconceptions about Christianity which are held by both Christians and non-Christians alike. The following article will clear up some of the most common ones. There was no historical Jesus - Though we have no way of knowing for certain, the majority of Biblical scholars and historians … [Read more...]

Can All Psychics Contact Departed Souls?

If there is one common misconception about psychics is that ALL psychics are mediums. Being psychic, or having a psychic ability, is not the same as being a medium. Psychics who are specialized in being a medium, or having the 'gift' to contact those who have passed into the spirit world are just one of many types of psychics. When you tell someone you are psychic often the first thing they assume is that you can 'talk to dead people'. Are … [Read more...]

Numerology: Finding Your Life Path Number

In numerology, your birthday is more than just that special month, day and year when you were born. It is an alignment of digits used to identify your Life Path— the dominant theme or objective emanating throughout your life journey. Adding the numbers of your birth date together accurately is the beginning of finding your station in the "Grand Scheme". Even if two people have the same birth date, their numerology profile will … [Read more...]

Truth and Misconceptions About Wicca & Witches

Wiccans or witches have been greatly misunderstood and persecuted throughout history. The main reason is because so many people do not understand what it means to be Wiccan. The media and organized religions play a big part in the misunderstanding still going on today. Wicca is not just a religion; it is a way of life. Believers live their lives with the planet, not just on the planet. People of the craft respect Mother Earth and all of the … [Read more...]

Who Were Those Three Wise Men of Christmas?

The Bible story of the three wise men is very familiar is today's culture. Most of us have grown up seeing the nativity scene of the stable where the Christ child was born, with the three wise men readily offering their gifts to the infant. The Book of Matthew tells the story of an unspecified number of wise men who traveled from the east, following the Star of David, to bring their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Messiah. But is … [Read more...]

What Do Angels Have to Do With Christmas?

You see them on top of Christmas trees every year, but what do they have to do with Christmas? Why are angels a part of our annual holiday celebration? If you are familiar with the Christian background of Christmas, you know that angels play a prominent role in the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus. The story, found in both the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke, includes three—possibly four—angelic appearances. [Read more...]

Free Help Interpreting Your First Astrology Chart

These days it is very easy to go online and generate your own free natal chart (you will find a free astrology birth chart generator at the bottom of this page). All you basically need is the date, time and location of your birth and you can have a chart created in seconds. So why is it so expensive to order a natal chart from a professional astrologer? It isn't the chart that costs the money. Like everyone else, astrologers these … [Read more...]